Michael and Sara's Royal Roundup

Time to check in on the latest news surrounding the royal family.
3:51 | 04/05/19

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Transcript for Michael and Sara's Royal Roundup
From time to time we like to check in with our friends across the pond to see what our favorite young Royals are up to in our soon-to-be award winning segment, "Royal roundup." Yeah. It's a very exciting time right now for royal watchers because the duke and duchess of Sussex are due to have their first baby any day now. So exciting that maury povich is here to let us know who is the daddy. No, no, no, Michael. This isn't a story line you follow a lot but we're pretty sure prince Harry is the dad. Okay, while prince Harry is waiting for the arrival of his first child, he is simultaneously attempting to ruin the childhoods of other British children. At an event yesterday, he said fortnight is addictive and should be outlawed in the U.K. Those are fighting words. Fighting words. He blasted fortnight saying what is the benefit of having it in your household. I'll be honest, Harry, I don't think anybody in the royal family should be encouraging people to start asking what's the benefit of having this about things. Because if you do, they may just catch on to your little royal racket. Okay, Michael, okay. I love the Royals, okay? But this story has me annoyed, okay? The queen told Meghan that she can't wear certain royal jewels. Now, these are jewels that were previously worn by princess Diana. As you know, princess Diana was Harry's mother. If he wants his wife to wear some of his mom's jewelry, you let him. I can't believe Elizabeth would have the nerve to try and stop this. Who does this lady think she is, the queen of England? Okay, so you're not a huge follower of the royal family. No. Final story. A few days ago, Harry and Meghan joined Instagram. Yes, they did. And they set a record, an amazing record. They reached 1 million followers in just 5:45. Seriously? Yeah. That's amazing. They picked the Instagram name which was fine until they picked the Instagram name a British man stepped forward and said @sussexroyal was his Instagram name. Kevin had picked it because his favorite football team was called -- hey, Kevin -- the Royals. Really, Kevin? Have you ever heard of the new York football giants? Now that's a football team. A different football, but anyway, what happened was Instagram just took the name away from poor Kevin and gave it to the couple without telling him. Wow. That's like some "Game of thrones" type stuff. Michael, I'm so proud of you. That was a great "Game of thrones" reference. I'm learning, I'm learning. I'm giving in. This story has a happy ending. Because of the controversy Kevin who you saw before, his Twitter account has grown from four followers, four followers, to 968 followers. And I'm going to go ahead and make that 969 followers because I'm on team Kevin. You know what, yeah, I think Kevin would have more if he changed that profile picture. But I'm in. I'm going to join him too. I'm going to go -- it's going to be 970. But we want to help Kevin, everybody. We want to get his follower account up. All you have to do to follow him go to his Instagram and the handle is @sussexroyal_. Use the hashtag #kingkevin. Everyone's got to follow Kevin. Take it back from the Royals.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"Time to check in on the latest news surrounding the royal family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62199775","title":"Michael and Sara's Royal Roundup","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/michael-saras-royal-roundup-62199775"}