'Million Dollar Listing' star Ryan Serhant shares secret to success

Ryan Serhant breaks down the biggest mistakes people make in his new book, "Sell It Like Serhant."
9:00 | 09/17/18

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Transcript for 'Million Dollar Listing' star Ryan Serhant shares secret to success
He's on the Emmy nominated show "Millionollar listing." Now he H brand new book, "Sell it lik serhant." Give it up for Ryan serhan applause Goo Good toou You look great. You lookreat. Welcome. Thank you Youust celebred anniversary. Ten-year anrsary in T business as a salespn. Id you do cake? Are the lloons? Was there a party? It was this Saturday. It waslso the anniversary of en Lehman filer ke. Iung out wit M wife and took it in. It's been a long That' amazing. You've done so much in ten years. You buila billion llar buss. Yes. Ith a "B" people. [ Applau you have two hit TV shows.his journe diyol this hapning? No. Honestly ten years ago I was still trying to stin line out he F actors equity auditions. I me to new city to a. That was my firsth then I ran out of money. Money is importan city. Ki of an expensi place. I was hand modelling to pay the bill. Likzoo lander"? Exact Did your a bubblever em? No,ut I used wear glov it paid. That was my rent money. We zoom ion your has? Someanlling movement. I wohold them ke this. Then wld move the meal like this. Littl known fact. Th's amazing. In your book you Sha Lesso Al tway, notbout hand modelling. They're ting slves. Oh, man.so many. The biggest mistake -- I did a show for bravo called "Sell it serhant." Worke with all these people wereng everything. You forget your first impression, if you'rt cafu your last imsion. Right? E to make a great first pression a realize you're building trust with some stranghoot know you. Ink about like goininto a bar. If you're single -- I'm not. Ople come into a store and say can I help you? Uld you go into a bar tap seone's shoulder and say let me kno thing? That wld be weir same thing if you' anytng, shoes, real Esta baskballs, you want to make a good first mission. Allrighso S many pe -- I agree with tt. First imsion is thmost important one. So many people want to follow in your fsteps. E wondering how T. Where dostart? Y start by doing.d I was livin Korea to. It was either go home to Colorado and paint fences for that of my LE -- see hands. Exactly. I thin was 300 bks at th ti my real ee license. I hadoention of being real think it S a lesperson. I super shy,utto do something. I got ea license a staron the wor day eve whh was the Y the subp mogage collapse happed. At kicked off the great recession. I'm stildoing it today Andoing it ll. Was there a book or someth-- you go to say I need to learn and I need torn fast?ach you? Not real youet your license there's a couple schools in the city and then it was trial by fire. Talk aboutpeople yelng at me the St. People leaving me on the street corners. I had grandmas lying to my face to savyou want te what people are come a real estate broker in New York City. Iseems likeouu were introverted.a lot of pple say I T sell myself. I'm sortable selling myself being an introke you would be too shy. How did you overcome that part of it? That's a big thingor a lot of people. I think for me I to figure out S. It's something I talk about in the book is your four Ws want, win, why and wor my wall I T tt my back is pushed upgainst. For me I hut of Mone I DI't want uit. I wanted to figure something out. Es has beegood to me. It just so happened to bal Ta it could have been anything . Anybody can becomerson Tomo and more money. Anybody in student debt and it's like $2,100 wort bt is addeon to the deficilln ay. Get your real estate license. He someone do open houses. Thatuscle of learning how to sell can go aong way to helping you O WRE not going tt you go. Coming up,number one top secret. You don'want to MI this. [ Cheers and applause ] ????????? Tired of wrestling with inssible cleaning T? Using wipes in the kitchen, and spraysn E bathroom can be ineffective. Y Mr. Clean maeraser with Durafoam. Simp add water, and use in your kitchen for bu in your bath to removesoap scu and on Wal tmove scuffs and marks. It eses 4x morpemarker per S. 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{"duration":"9:00","description":"Ryan Serhant breaks down the biggest mistakes people make in his new book, \"Sell It Like Serhant.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57879575","title":"'Million Dollar Listing' star Ryan Serhant shares secret to success","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/million-dollar-listing-star-ryan-serhant-shares-secret-57879575"}