Get ready to have your mind blown by viral magician Justin Willman

ustin Willman teaches Sara Haines and Michael Strahan some mind-blowing magic.
5:37 | 09/27/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Get ready to have your mind blown by viral magician Justin Willman
Had been dealt a body LA time that they new breed a magician. Who's making magic Olympian who grownups inviolable visible man treat it racked up five million you can count. Yeah. And I am got hit Netflix show called magic for human please give it up for Justin will be without. A great to have you here celebrating what can you tell us though about this invisible man tree that you did on your show. Though we did cal I got flash mob social experiment right got a bunch of people are Craigslist to just stick to pretend there watching a magic show in the park. I knew lure in a random person. He gets o'clock draped over him I reply profit of one acts like. He is invisible. We have a flu Edmonton photo at a time that there Michelle and afterwards and he takes the bait and it was a way to kind of do a magic trick where you makes him when disappear use it in the convinced there. And missing his face it. They convince them. Yeah are doing with their kids yes and our kids were thinking they were invisible yes. Which I always wanted to crate like them a piece of magic that resonates but didn't think it would also involve traumatize and children. Support you'll aren't yet. But I think you also have a little restricted teach us I would and I teach you yeah yeah yeah hello to you wanna swap it gives them a pact. So I will I will teach you a trick and its parent teacher. And my Colombian man magic mentor that suddenly senator Hillary Yankee can one guy I can listen about what we like security each other what we now a Maine if late. Late on paper yeah below us. I know that I can't get the trust me right now that jets you don't even need to have a trick working as you trust that work a mentor apprentice Biondi Daniels OK Ben a panel. Ushered Bieber look at a pet. And this is what you can try at home it involves I can't soda and two cops on the port each of us a cup. Cola here hold this in your left hand kind of like you're you're toasting the whole nearest. Herbert don't know if I'll do the same thing. Great crushed one hand while he worked out right now and take it not rested on top your head like that are knotted in a dangerous for our goalie got a bill ago. But got hold onto it would literally overnight on an episode of managed using our minds. There's three steps to do this threaded step once in this direction other first you can watch and accept them when I shut my eyes. Stand out and I slowly rotate. In a counter clockwise 360 like that. Until I never got and then I held my allies its stricken that look so I'll talk to their garbage so shut your eyes stand up. And now slowly rotate. Perfect you're doing great. And then that's good to Agassi. Great step one in Keokuk is still there you know in advance that to the intent patient take your free handling this just go. Her he'd. How we don't have fared pretty big man and friend ready for the day when the synod the bidding while the vanishing soda trick or. I'll do it first onto its excited that this is how it should look one. Two. The rate. Okay on another good man you've got. I think you gotta have great man he's got up and you need not here right. Out with and that's just at adding to the list of the many things that Michael string can give Sarah. You're gonna take it to the next level here which you can give me like a concentrate but the magic they split that both hands like this gesture yet okay at the can't focus on the can't. Ready. We'll pool. Don't accept drive figure out how it. Want to topple I could not do it again and again. We'll. Yeah. Okay. Here's how he expecting his first child what a cool dad yeah. Nearly a thousand that would breast milk does make it this kind of yeah. Now yeah don't make a great don't go bad event. It is the rest don't ever do bad things. That's that's often yeah. Good hearted if not global.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"ustin Willman teaches Sara Haines and Michael Strahan some mind-blowing magic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58123662","title":"Get ready to have your mind blown by viral magician Justin Willman","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/ready-mind-blown-viral-magician-justin-willman-58123662"}