Regina Hall on her first commercial, becoming a nun and 'Black Girl Magic'

Michael and Sara have questions and a surprise for the "Little" actress.
6:14 | 04/11/19

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Transcript for Regina Hall on her first commercial, becoming a nun and 'Black Girl Magic'
"The best man," "Scary movie," and "Girls' trip." Now she's bossing up in the highly anticipated film, "Little." Check it out. I'm sad this morning. Oh, why? I have asked you a thousand times to have my housekeeper, Elaine. Linda is her name. Linda. To put my slippers 63 centimeters away from the bed so when I hop out, my feet can land on them. I mean, am I be unreasonable? Is that too much to ask? No, it's not unreasonable at all. Please welcome, Regina hall! ������ Over here? Yeah, come on. Oh, perfect. How you doing? I'm good. Koch congratulations. I never -- You have never needed your slippers 53 inches from the house. 53 millimeters. Imagine if you had a boss like that. Hello! I read this. I said no way. No way. You started acting in your mid 20s. Yeah, like, mid to late 20s. I started late. You started with a commercial. McDonald's. McDonald's. My line was into McDonald's fries. You know what? It was my line. Well, Regina, we got good news and bad news. The good news is, we have the Ah! But, I did say there was bad news. The bad new is we're going to play it. Ah! We'll go to McDonald's. Did somebody say McDonald's. I could go for a Big Mac. And some fries. I could go for McDonald's. Oh, my goodness. That was -- It was a little sensual. You made the fries sound sexy. I want to have some fries now. That was amazing. Remember those eyebrows. I had gotten them -- they are thick. I got them. I used to go and get them as thin as possible. I did that in college. I would make a pencil line. Like they is never grown back the same. I was so proud. I was like, look, mama. My mother was like -- she thought it was terrible. My mom was like, you're going to regret this some day. Well, of course. I'm glad that trend fell out of favor. The pencil line. As we saw that clip, you're a tech giant looking for the next big app. In real life, cause I know the slipper thing is fake, are you really a techie? And do you have a favorite app or anything? You know what? I'm awful, technically. I'm from the stone ages. I love the weather app. Because -- You want to know what the weather is. Like, today, I -- you know, it's going to rain. And if you can't get to a television, the fact that you can see that weather. And it speaks to you in pictures. They have it so good now you can see what time the storms are coming. You know? You can be like, at 3:00, we're going to have a downpour. And they give you a percentage. Like we're kind of sure, but not so sure. When the sun's going to come back out. I mean, I appreciate that. You two just sold the hell out of that weather app. I can tell you that. Listen. Listen. But the movie, "Little." You know what I love about it, it's all about black girl magic. In front of the camera. Behind the camera. Writing it. Everything. Black women. It's very inspiring. Not only for women. But inspiring for everybody. How does it feel to be a part of that in Hollywood. You know what? It's great. Honestly, just to see a girl -- just to think of Marseilles being 10 years old, walking into a studio, pitching an idea. And many people pitch and sell stuff. It doesn't mean it will make it to screen. But to be able to be a part of watching her dream. You know, and -- her vehicle, like, come to life. It's incredible. To be able to work with Issa, who is so phenomenal. And created "Insecure." Yep. Yep. And then Tina Gordon. To see her directing it and kind of helping everyone and to be able to work with such collaborative spirits. That's the thing. This was a lot of collaboration. It was just fun. And then to be -- my nieces get to see it. My nieces couldn't see "Girls' trip." One of my all-time favorites. That's when I learned about the earring. Taking earrings out. Getting ready. I'm ready. Shoes and earrings. They must go. One thing I was surprised about. Speaking of dreams. At one time, you wanted to be a nun? I did. I wanted to be a nun when I was younger. And then again -- Before the McDonald's commercial. Before the McDonald's commercial. Before Leonardo. A boy I had a crush on. And again, yes. And again, maybe nine years ago. What happened? I was too old. This, um, every sect is different. And soy had a cutoff age. What was the second reason? I heard something about numbers. There were two things -- Some have a partner limit. And so every order is different. This order was age. But there are some orders where, you know, I think if the number is more than four. You know, no. Now you can't go. What? You can't go. You just crushed Michael's priest dream. He can't be a priest. It's over. It's a numbers thing. And when they cut it -- yeah, four. You know what? I'm literally, I'm over here blushing. You can't tell. But I'm blushing like a -- the movie "Little" is in theaters

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"Michael and Sara have questions and a surprise for the \"Little\" actress.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62333346","title":"Regina Hall on her first commercial, becoming a nun and 'Black Girl Magic'","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/regina-hall-commercial-nun-black-girl-magic-62333346"}