RHOBH's Teddi Mellencamp on 'Puppy-gate' and her dad John

Does her rock star father John Mellencamp watch her show?
6:35 | 04/23/19

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Transcript for RHOBH's Teddi Mellencamp on 'Puppy-gate' and her dad John
"The real housewives of Beverly hills." Her sophomore season has been anything but boring. Please welcome teddi Mellencamp. ������ Hi. Hi. We got the welcoming committee here. Hi. Congratulations. You look pretty amazing. Thank you. I noticed you checked our Einstein. He was giving a look. Pretty sure he was checking you out. I just got to get this out of the way. Off the top, do you notice anything about less sex, watching like Netflix or anything social media, out there. Sex life a little less -- I kind of wish I could blame Netflix, but I think it's my kids. That's a reality, though. That's a reality. A combination. I'm a pretty scheduled person. I have it figured out. She's pre-gamer. I'm very structured. Same. Pregaming is good. I agree. Let's figure it out. We'll make it happen. It's so romantic. In addition to being a housewife, you're also an accountability coach. Yes. What is an accountability coach? Definitely need some accountability. Okay, it's not in everything. I hold you accountable to your health and fitness goals. That would be me. Once somebody signs up, and you're welcomed into the program, you have to send us your breakfast, lunch and dinner, and proof of workout, if you don't, you're out ofhe program. So, you lose your money. That what really holds you accountable. Nobody wants to throw their money away. You really, I have a proof of everything. So, if you say on day three, you know what, I'm not feeling up to it. I have a busy day at work. I have your message from day one. Remember this. Remember how you were feeling then and why you wanted to make the change. I've gone through it myself. Everybody needs accountability. I'm on the road all the time and it's hard to be consistent. Like, what would you suggest for someone always traveling -- I think the biggest thing is, planning. You have the resources to be able to plan it out and if you're organized and you have a set plan, then you're able to stick to it. If not, you become hangry and you make a last-minute bad decision. Some people like myself, the whole idea of gym and routine, sometimes like you said, just walking or doing anything. It's not about having a huge workout. Truthfully, it's mainly about the food. I learned it the hard way. Let's move on to puppygate. Okay. Teddi, I'm the all way tuned in on puppygate. What's the deal on puppygate? How did you hold yourself accountable in that scenario? The long and short of it is, somebody manipulated the situation that they wanted to play out. Wanted to play out. You know what, it's happened so many times, we just got sick of it. That's really what it's about. If it was about the dog it would have been handled much differently. I think she's good. I think she has multiple Instagrams. She's an influencer now. How did you feel as a newbie coming into that situation and getting twisted and caught up in that? I think I made the apologies. I realized it. You got to stop and you got to own it. And that's when you realized it and you got to own it, that's the best thing. Enough is enough. That's not my thing. I made a mistake. And I know you didn't name names. But -- But I did. Salt did. If you could say one thing to Lisa vanderpump just out of the blue, what would you say? I'd think I would say nothing. I said absolutley everything that I'd wanted to say to her face. I kind of moved on from that. I hear that. I was team vanderpump in the beginning of all the series. That was like a little recurring kind of theme that was going along. I kind of felt for you just as a so, your children are on the show. How's that? How is having your kids on the show? That's amazing. I mean, cruise is such a ham. It's unbelievable. He like gets his little mic on, testing, one, two. I'm like, buddy, keep it cool. And like, he's like, sometimes he'll act up a little bit. I'm like, what happened? He's like, don't you think it was funny? It's good TV. I'm like, no! It makes me look bad. Does your dad watch the show? Unfortunately, I keep saying don't watch this episode. He'll be like, did he call a "B"? Don't you have code names? We have code names for everybody. Because, one, he can't remember everybody's name. He thinks it hilarious to give them little code names. Can you share? No. Here's the problem -- no, I can't. Don't do it, teddi. Don't do it. Be accountable. Be accountable. Be accountable. I fell for that once before. And your dad is engaged. Oh, my gosh. To meg Ryan. Are you helping out? Would you let your loud-mouth daughter who's on the housewives in on the plans? No. You can use code names. No I'm just excited. They're such an amazing couple. They're so much fun. Thank you for coming. We're running out of time. We'll get a code name in commercial. We are. Check out an all-new episode of "Real housewives of Beverly

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{"duration":"6:35","description":"Does her rock star father John Mellencamp watch her show?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62576179","title":"RHOBH's Teddi Mellencamp on 'Puppy-gate' and her dad John","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/rhobhs-teddi-mellencamp-puppy-gate-dad-john-62576179"}