Sanaa Lathan and the hosts face off in an acronym contest!

"Nappily Ever After" actress dishes on inspiring new movie.
9:11 | 09/18/18

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Transcript for Sanaa Lathan and the hosts face off in an acronym contest!
Just wow. Eah. I think it't. N, I don'teally know ift's you.maybe you wao keep it simp. Just be yourself. What would that be?al compulse cut orhe no fun, Nev spontaneous Ave? I liked T weave. I THIT Please a Lathan. ??? I shake my head bad H [ cheers and applause Hello. Happy birthday. Thank you so much. How areou? Happy day. Thank you. My birtayow You're a Virgo. I am. Virgos are the B irgos are E best. I'm not arguing with that numbered. Happy birthday to both ofyo Thayou. Thank you. You gup with pant this buses wonder hopeople get into this business. Th your pantin the buness did Ty ever say it's T the way to go? Absolutely. Dly cried W said I want be an actress. He was like please don't. He's actually M biggest fan no I was St around. Her was a dancith the alviali company E was on T oiz" on Broadway. I was toddlerro T me. T'story. I was 2 or, toddlingrobehind the scenes. I had somebody watching me and the live bway show W G on witthe LIV audience. And I guess I ped from wev takingare of me.was in the wings. I said mommy! Ani ran to the S and I didn't quite makeit the person swooped me U right fotepped on to the stage.ilmost mad myebut at T ined. It was sc Exactly. Now you hads career, amazing career which allowed you meet a lo cool friends. Yes. I heard about your friendship with prince. Yeah. You hung out with prince. I know. How was that? He was amazing. Was amazing. I' G up to THA one of the greatest that ever DI [ Chee ande Nional treare. I Haen friendly with him for a while. He invited me and a couple -- he had a residency ins. He invited me and a couple ends up a had this pre dieror us. My friends were like fan Girling ov H we were talking about the songs moved. One of my friends said she L "Sometimes it snows in apr I loved "Rasry beret." Atput those songs tohe show and brought us on uspromptu. Let's about "Napi ever after." Cayou tell uwhat it's T? I py olet Jones. It's based on a best-selling novel from the '90s. She's a segly perfecwoman with a seemingly perfect life. To marry her. When things don't go as planned, she'snto a intnal crisis. She's thrust into this path of self disco after shehaves off all her hair. You walked out and I was like that's a H I shaveit all off Y shaved it off in real life. Could haveone the other way. You could have put some on ur head. Ctly. People on how you' gyle your #twa. At is twa? On twitthere's soany acronyms. Theye like giri of -- I love your #twa people aika is the bomb. I had togle it. It means teeeenie afro THAs so cute. I love that. Ow I'm like my twa, you know. 'S so cuteoday. I love twitteen they GE clever. I know. Bec twd other things, wee a little somhing we'reoing to do W a is going T us what she had to do for this film and dog anywhere we'll be back with Sanaa Lathan. ?????? Parodontax, the toothpaste at helps pvent bleeding gs. See a littlelood when you brush or floss? Could be oa journey to much worse. (Hard exhalation) (Mcr Help stop journey ofum disease. Try padontax toothpaste. It's 3 times more effect G plaque, the use of B Leave bleedi with parodontax toothpaste. Unexpected situation? Aha. L'or??al's C Root Cov Up. 3, 2, 1. Roots Gone! Magic ot Coverby l'or??al Paris. Look for the turquoise. At the dinnee, nobody talks about football. I like to hings in LE. My name is Ted G T Stouffer L ...and I hunger to coach athletes I stffer's.what are you hungry fo Alice loves the smell of Gain so much, she wishedcame in a fabricoftener too. Say hello to your fairy godmother, a. T beads and R sheets T! It's agloms. It'sir iculty ncentratin Depression is multipleptoms that can hold you back. Intellix ia prcription micine sion. Trintellix may help you take a step forward in improve your depron. Tell your health profeson right awa orsens orunusual change mood, behavior thouts of suicide Antidepressants can increase these iildren, teens, and young adults. Do make with mis. Tell your healthcare professional about your medications, ininne, psycric, and depronns void a potentially life-threang conditi. Increaserisk of blor bruising may occur, especially th nsd pain relvers, aspirin, blood inners. Manic EP or visit problems may R in some ople. May cause W soum levels. The most commodects were sea, constipation, anmiting. Trintellad no siimpact on weiin clinicatrials. Ask ur doctor abouintellix. (Roosevelt) I always thought that cigarette smo justessed your lung Ver though that at only 4ite attack. My tip is: Do your heart a favor, ouncer) Yoca Call 1-800-quit-now for help getting free medicn. I'll never find fe used ca Starat the new Showe nivans wit no repted accidents. Boom Love it. [Struggl Show me the carfax. Stt your used car search ate all-new rf ddy stars outhnot really ??? ??? Grab yr ??? ??? And try oreo Chocolate Candy Bars. ??????

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{"duration":"9:11","description":"\"Nappily Ever After\" actress dishes on inspiring new movie. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57909622","title":"Sanaa Lathan and the hosts face off in an acronym contest! ","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/sanaa-lathan-hosts-face-off-acronym-contest-57909622"}