Special surprise for football player who kicked her team to victory

The football player and homecoming queen touched down in Times Square for an amazing football challenge with the "GMA Day" co-hosts.
7:23 | 09/13/18

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Transcript for Special surprise for football player who kicked her team to victory
Find them in the gento cheesetion. w on "Gma she red ameri's hearts by provinat dominate iron and still be en. We're about to chat with story. ISS Kaylee foster. Reporter:n Kaylee foster was med homecoming queen, misssi sl student sa she was I total shock. Ever though that would have happened. Reporter: But here's the kicker. Momentter her crni glory, Kaylee traded her tiara for the dntense do or die moment in overtime where she did this. Kaylee scoring the game-winning Fial, clinching the 13-12 Ory for her beloved greyhound nation. I looked up right after I kicked it anwas, like,ha did not go in. We have O into second overtime, and the next thing I know ally mates are surroundin. It was just crazy. Reporr: The senior kicking off her sixth ball seaso with this well-earned mantra. All hail the Q. All right gievy, for Kaylee foster. Come on out, Kaylee. [ Cheers and hello. Hi. Hi. Hi. Wel congratulati T you. Come. I ve it. I love the tiarad Jersey. Thank you. To go ws. E this. And I say, watchihat video, it makes me happy as a footballlach you go E and do that. You'ren inspiratn yogirls out er Thank you. And I just want you to know that. Thank you. So many I'm sure want to play when did you start play football and why did you start playing football Mxte.ch approach me almostowards the ofde. He said, Kaylee, you're pretty good at, like, kickball. Yon of far. You're medcre at socr. He S I want yoto come and Y out for E footballeam. D I was, like, . He said, take this pesion ip home haour parent signt. I took it to my mom and she id go ask your dad. And I told my dad, and said it wa class or mething, he did the switch. I wagot kickball. My teachers never said that to me. What was the reaction when Y to youriendsyou were going to go out for a team? I don't know that they were surprised. I think thought it S of coo but they re, hm, makes sense. Me iniddle scho when I wo kick and that was super fun. W. Anyou have yr parents he I do. Right here, the math slip signer.[ applause ] En I think of football, I concerns other than you a math si Theres always a concern for all thki out there the eld just much for Klee and the restthe kids. We'rvery proudf her and glad she has had the opportunity to do this. But no more worry because ths your daughter. This parental attit Wl, we didnea was athletic enough and I just happedun. Just run. ust get out of T. Et go back tthe other night. The game was tied, 12-12 the las needed. Coach comes to you. Whatsay? He says, Kaylee, he ball. I said, I can do that. Suhi UT I hear at you didt realize yy made it that you won me until you heard the crowd. When I looked up from ck, I saw island up. I was, le,e justlocked it. He did. It's ove go into sound overme, and th H block it. It went in. As a really coolst tohistory. Three hos rlier, your school had nominatelected you homeco queen. So that had just happened ow did youtay focuseon thaton't know. Ie think about it. I was, like, ry nervous about thwas not gog get homecomiue there were four other amazing to Ben the court. I ha to worry about this football game, and then I got queen andwas, like,oh Ng to be bter night than I thought it was. And I'm curio I just thought abouts. Ok. Do you havyfriend? Ay on the football He is actually in the band. Yeah. Yes. She is snare. H drummer. Oh, he is a Drumm Pcu is that the marching band?. I marching band.show eryone howreat of a kicker you are. You mind Ying to kiome rms? Let's do . Let's show everybody. All right.ay. I alwwanted to on the ot Why M the one at -- thatot going to fit. It fits. Justh it in. Okay. You may want to get ons si. Cahe helmet F. Y. Wch the there. Am I aiming if your head or arms? You're ING betwn my arm. I didn't know. Okay. You ready? Ready. Areou ready? Okay. Okay.me a lot fr. I'll aim hi hold it higher? No, no me K it higher. One . One more. Okay. No, wait, wait. Not one more. Let's go bigger. Oka it's gointoit the table. Whoa. There we go Kle come here real quick. All right. Weave one more sise for you. Wee one moreurprise. He NFL, the thing called #supelsurprise. And th aurprising 500 fans who feel deserve to go to per bowl. So I have a pair of tickets for

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{"duration":"7:23","description":"The football player and homecoming queen touched down in Times Square for an amazing football challenge with the \"GMA Day\" co-hosts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57800435","title":"Special surprise for football player who kicked her team to victory","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/special-surprise-football-player-kicked-team-victory-57800435"}