Watch the 'GMA Day' 'Holiday Extravaganza!'

Michael Strahan and Sara Haines eat candy canes while telling you everything you need to know this afternoon.
8:17 | 12/14/18

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Transcript for Watch the 'GMA Day' 'Holiday Extravaganza!'
No. We were decking the halls and Yung the logs. A wonderf time of year. Indeed, we are and indeed it is a very special day for us here on the show. That's right. It's four days after Hanukkah, 11 ds before Christmas, poorly timetro holiday extravaganza. And a mouthful. We have many special guests and our own holiday house band, walk ofearth. Give a big round of applause. And we cannot wait -- I like th what's that dance?ve it to me one more Tim give it to me one more time. There you go. We can't wait to hear more from you guys L on and get that daon top of it. Know, whatbo? Hoare yourolidays going so far? It's is 11 ds till Christmas but as we get closer we are all ading to Florida. That's W my famis. Wh about you? I'm going somewhere W I don't believe in -- if I have a holiday break I don't believe in cold weather, I like it hot. What had to a WHE Christmas? What happened to a white Christmas? It looks the same way on TV. Yep. You guys enjoy it. That's while log is for. Would not be the holidays without candy canes. T true. You guys like C canes? That was a lot of enthusiaor a candy cane. We brought some you mat like. So I'm going to go ahead and let you try them fir base I'm generous. Let me take a swig of eggnog fit. Ou'll need to chase the candcane with that, so. Thesarlavors. Some are supposed to be prettyent. Don't bexgood one. What abouthis one? Oh. THAs like -'S weird. I - ou're going to need more specif What is Y? Whs yours? This is definitely pickle.I from my scratch F days when I used to lick them. Pile! Se ] Ew. Mean honelyi know but it tastes like a slirty gym sock. 'S clam. Ew. Try thack one onhe end. On't direcme -- Try thelack one on the end. No, that looks safe. Okay, I going to Y E black one. Oh. Ew my tongue. Itastes LI New York City street. Someone was bad this year. I picked od one. Ed bacon. Applause ] T. We got -- nt M that one looks like the coal one. Let me tryhione. No, let Mery this on Con Oh, tt's good. Oh, that's O I guess there wa couple good oneslanted in ere. That was good. Michaelwhat's sing is how fast hidays and the year S flown by. It flew . That's probably because have actually only B doing this show for fhsght now we want to take a few minutes to cozy upour look at our most cherished memoes here ata starting wh the times ments truly timeless that seem to last R as our cebrity gues to wave from the green room. Take a look. ?????? ?????? ?????? Mean, you could see it in their eyes thaey love dog that as well. Thosre some tonotch waves. I couldn't take my eyesy from the screen. It was mesmerizing. That is TV. Ou know what, we had the waves and we've had a lot of eat have co on thew includina er musicia Yes. Who doesn love a sician? Famo faces, we had here so many laughs, but most shs, they had their musiciansloician. I love their music, their voice, they come on and and Orm. Here at "Gma day" we take a let'sake a look back at "Gma day" singers who didn't sing. Yes. What are we going to talk every year we try to come up with something thatresents so of the year. A way to distance yoursel ghost of jamend in there. I don't try to put on airs. When room service came up it was St walls. Definitely a family environment. I go to the same gym you do. I'veyou work out before Amazing time. My momakes the rkey from now on so -- [ applause a question. How many of our en realove those ngers? I mean, we do too. Yh, so nicealking to them. Ty talked their hearts out. They did not for us. A lot of words. Not Tony lyr You know, in all seriousness it has truly been an unforgettable year for us. Yearah. Of course. Closer to four months, people. We're wrappin up T holidays, but wve danced cooked and danced and we've laughed and we even danced. Take a look at "Gma day" greatest hits volume uno. Uno. "Gma." Work. H. No. Andyay. We pulled it off. Wu doing? Mopping the floor with you. I buzzed first.

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{"duration":"8:17","description":"Michael Strahan and Sara Haines eat candy canes while telling you everything you need to know this afternoon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59824614","title":"Watch the 'GMA Day' 'Holiday Extravaganza!'","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/watch-gma-day-holiday-extravaganza-59824614"}