10-year-old kid genius Kairan Quazi

Michael and Sara try to keep up with this gifted kid who started college at age 10!
4:32 | 01/28/19

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Transcript for 10-year-old kid genius Kairan Quazi
At 3 years old, he was correcting his teacher on the constitution, and by 9 he started college. I feel like we're all about to get a little bit smarter at least hopefully so. Please welcome kid genius kairan quazi. So good to see you. What's up, my man? Hug it out. There you go. Right there. I think we're going to get a lot smarter by the way. How you doing? If this is contagious, which we're hoping so. This is your first talk show. Yes. Are you nervous? A little bit. Actually not much. What you face every day is so much greater and harder than what we're doing here today. Yes, but you have been described as profoundly gifted. Yeah. So can you explain exactly what that means? Well, profoundly gifted refers to I.Q. So profoundly gifted means your tested I.Q. Is greater -- above the 99 point 9th percentile, and that refers to the processing speed. Like your brain is a computer that can process information a lot faster. For example, I can do about a semester of coursework in two to three weeks. So pretty much we're sitting with a human computer? You're amazing. You attend college. What is that like at 9? Well -- 10. Excuse me. You turned 10 yesterday. We'll give him the digits he deserves. Well, in the beginning, the kids in my class are a bit nervous. They whisper, oh, he's so cute and then they're, like, taking -- You are super cute, but -- Then they take secret videos and photos of me, but I can see them doing it, so I don't know. They think they're smart. Yeah. Do they ask for help? I think after the first few weeks, they warm up to me and then they start asking me for help. Study groups start forming. Everybody -- What do the fourth graders think though? Oh. Well, some don't believe me. So now I keep my college card on me at all times so I can just whip it out. It's real. It's happening. That is absolutely -- that is absolutely -- it's funny. Oh, sorry. Your parents are here. Your mom, Julia. When did you know because I would like to know if my child is going to be in college by 9. Probably not, but when did you know he was so gifted and college was the next step? We're still trying to figure out how he is so gifted because we see a very Normal kid at home, but at kairan's second birthday pediatric appointment, his doctor told us not to freak out, but it appeared that his I.Q. Was extraordinary and more important, his emotional intelligence was off the charts, and that combination is very rare at age 2. He was speaking in full sentences and could talk about the Arab spring and Egyptian democracy, and by -- You have got to talk to my son. He's a little behind. At age 3, he was intently following the presidential election and was fixated on Barack Obama and was arguing with his preschool teachers about the constitutional requirements to be U.S. President. I hate being right all the time. I get you, kairan. I have got to say, man. You should run for president. It's open. It's open. It's open. Well, you know, we mentioned that it was your tenth birthday and we got to get in on the fun. We can't let everybody have all the fun with you without us being apart of it. We have a little something for you, my friend. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. There we go. ??? Happy birthday to you, happy

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Michael and Sara try to keep up with this gifted kid who started college at age 10!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60679858","title":"10-year-old kid genius Kairan Quazi","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/year-kid-genius-kairan-quazi-60679858"}