How to advocate to work from home

As companies begin returning to their offices, many employees are hoping to continue working from home.
3:52 | 07/07/21

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Transcript for How to advocate to work from home
We're going to go to our cover story, the work from home debate. Front page of "The Wall Street journal" took it on. So many discussing with offices re-opening, do you need to return and how to talk to your employer about what's right for you and Rebecca Jarvis here to break it down. Good morning, Rebecca. Reporter: Good morning, George. Yeah, this is the question, so many CEOs I speak to are asking what is it going to look like in the fall? Do we have to go back? Will there be a hybrid model and depending on the company and industry things are looking very different. So, for example, if you work in computers with I.T. And big tech, a lot of those companies are saying you can work remotely, Facebook, Twitter have notably told most of their employees they can do things remotely. If you happen to work in banking and you work for JPMorgan or Goldman Sachs, two of the biggest in that industry they say they want their employees back as much as five days a week in their seats interacting with clients. Flex jobs took a look at all the industries out there and they found that the most likely industries to offer remote work are in customer service, computer and I.T., education and marketing, George. How about if your employer is somewhere in the middle and sort of leaving it up to you? How do you negotiate whether to stay at home or go into the office? A lot of people are going to be in this in between situation, George, and how you play it can really affect and impact the outcome for you and your family. First thing you want to do, look at the company policy. Does the company offer remote if they do you're in luck. That makes it a much easier conversation. If they don't you have to prepare for a more complicated you want to after you look at the policy, you look at your work. What is your job spoefl? What are the hours you work. What's your job function? How do you communicate with the rest of the employees including your manager? Put together a plan that could work for remote work for you. Then you want to mete with your manager. Set that meeting up well in advance, be prepared with your sheet of paper ready to go talking through the points and then this is not about convincing your boss that you need to work from home, this is about convincing your boss that you working from home is going to work best for the company. Maybe you have a two-hour commute and can work during that two-hour commute and have to finally, George, be prepared to hear no. If you hear no, you have a couple of options, one, you can offer to do this temporarily maybe give it a try, let's see how one month goes and see if that works or not, two, you might have to be willing your job for something else if work from home is not a possibility at your company, George. We are seeing people do that and also seeing so many people who have gotten used to working at home like the convenience of it. What are the downsides? Reporter: Sure, working from home can be great. It really works for a lot of people but a lot of companies that are now offering work from home say you still have to be in a specific city, state or geography, country, location, that can make an impact. Also working from home policies, they are subject to change and finally, George, guys, these things facetime is always important when it comes to make sure you're communicating with managers and the people who give you promotions in the future. Rebecca Jarvis, thanks very much. Important advice. Can I also add I was working from home for seven months. I have a new appreciation for people who work from home. Yeah, there is a convenience there. It is work. It is -- I mean, no, seriously, people think, oh, you're at home, always in your pjs which that is a benefit of but in all sincerity -- From the waist down. Shoutout to our producers and editors who are still working at home and putting us on the air. Yes. But, man, I would miss you guys if I had to work from home, ah, I would just -- look at your face, I'm serious. Okay. Turn to our "Gma" consumer

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"As companies begin returning to their offices, many employees are hoping to continue working from home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78707064","title":"How to advocate to work from home","url":"/GMA/Living/video/advocate-work-home-78707064"}