Black Girls Code founder opens up about breaking barriers in tech on 'GMA'

Kimberly Bryant discusses how her program is inspiring young African-American girls to get involved in STEM programs and find jobs in the tech world.
6:48 | 02/22/18

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Transcript for Black Girls Code founder opens up about breaking barriers in tech on 'GMA'
Now our celebration of Black History Month highlighting women changing the game the national center for science and engineering. But what I'm black women held only 2% 2% of science and engineering job since when he fifteenth we'll backstroke Kimberly Bryant to create black girls clothes. Take a look. In the blockbuster film black panther a young female programmer creates the advanced technology. And the land now book conduct. My kingdom still this on the big screen she's played by breakout star Letitia right inspiring young African American girls to seeing what's possible. Sherlock yeah. Organization. Black girls code. Is tackling the race and gender gap in the science and technology industry. For Kimberly Bryant. Former electrical engineer and founder gets personal. My experience and being a woman of color and a male dominated field was something a motive they need seen. Create something that active Cheney said air just for my daughter has certainly women that are coming up behind Tara much younger. And send yeah now. In fact. The nonprofit coins itself as the girl scouts of technology. Teaching their participants skills that include learning how to build code and become creators yeah well out. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. This stuff how people all the better black gospel makes it possible for young black girls to have. Aspirations. That go above and beyond. The very traditional ideas similar black girls are able to do. We really encouraging them to be their best cells. And that's really the most important thing about the wisdom of don't. He. Can keep on keep more yeah. Finishing touches on what to check in with them and just a minute. Bless your heart thinking game that's how much you as a TrailBlazer ad and also realizing that your daughter. After all those years was going to the same kind of difficulties that you had that's is what inspired you. Absolutely so it wasn't very Lee is my dot agreement that she starts expects the since its interest in engineering. And I never thought she would follow my footsteps but its own as she expressed this as a bull. I knew I had to do something to make her path a little bit easier than mine mine's in the because it was very difficult and I'm sure it was 7000. You have now mentor don't work well absolutely teen chef third late teens there. Okay. Try to introduce sunset everything that the technology world test offers so that could be robotics it can be virtual reality. It to beyond minute reality can be. A I could be doing things like coating with electronics like the girls are doing today. Just what ever that industry hasn't worked in the be exposed to it. I was really struck by the conversation that we had with and I received over but check back with her just a moment and her colleagues heard her colleague of the her 600 cut lumber co stars with him right here. Last week at her character. Think every all seemed like camping yet yeah OK any members with teacher read her character what she was here yesterday and she was talking about. Will girls just like you take a look. Maybe they can look at this so missy Sherry Hughes. Losses since you know you have mind as a weapon to it says to help a nation ends in these so smock. To create an end and create gadgets and some back and change the loan and that can be of inspiration to them to say nah I am's Miami intelligent. They are. Oh yeah Aaron I'm Jewish and the comfort yeah. Earlier want to. What do you say to these young women I'm just hopeful and so inspired by young ladies it really is that just know at all times the world need real. And I'm so excited that this is happening I will support this organization to the answer. I think that you know we're in a world sometimes were young ladies and girls are told to hold back. From showing their full power and potential old. And that it did does the world a massive disservice so I'm so excited that you are there that you're doing it. You know who are mad did. And I am behind a 100% most of all the rest a welcoming need youth. Working on over there so even Harding on the guitar may have little bits and Mattison has been coating what we're gonna play. And also the light features aren't and actually says he and they are neck I. So I'm not a play element to get. Q my known called. And in. Remember we're going on over there yes I pray here at the bit body is creating a little bits kid and with that we have been little power suit it was gives electricity throughout the whole sick kids and has a little Bluetooth with seeking news using higher phone rates here it is after a little bit who use only put on drive mode and disconnected. Linda Lay hasn't been able. Sitting at a time and I only ask and is known anywhere you like yeah. Everybody benefits personally I think one and it pays us special about seeing girls like this. So engaged at technology as creators and exactly lit the example we saw on the movie is that. He changes the paradigm right so it changes this dominant narrative about. Who can be an innovator and that's what this work is all about and that's what most reflected in the future in the movie that we trying to make it here in Africa I'm figuring you. Who are making it now yes black girls code. Andrea any economic lots of good at that Bob what's. Especially with the move to an end in the gym and compete OK so we think everybody with the team.

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{"duration":"6:48","description":"Kimberly Bryant discusses how her program is inspiring young African-American girls to get involved in STEM programs and find jobs in the tech world. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53258502","title":"Black Girls Code founder opens up about breaking barriers in tech on 'GMA' ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/black-girls-code-founder-opens-breaking-barriers-tech-53258502"}