Brothers at the center of viral #HimToo tweet speak out

A tweet posted by Pieter Hanson's mother about why he won't date went viral and fueled a firestorm of backlash and debate about the #MeToo and subsequent #HimToo movements.
5:18 | 10/12/18

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Transcript for Brothers at the center of viral #HimToo tweet speak out
We are back now on "Gma" with a mom, what did you do story? One mom's tweet had her son's dating woes put their family at the center of an online firestorm. Her post, the #himtoo going viral and her son said for all the wrong reasons. It's the ultimate mom fail. Earlier this week pieter Hanson was taking an exam when his phone started blowing up. Friends and family trying to reach him because he had suddenly gong viral for all the wrong reasons. On the same day Brett Kavanaugh was sworn into the supreme court. Pieter's mother posted his photo on Twitter writing this is my son. He graduated number one in boot camp. He is a gentleman who respects women. He won't go on solo dates due to the current climate of false sexual accusations by radical feminists with an axe to grind. I vote #himtoo. A tweet that seemed like mom trying to protect her son quickly took on a life of its own. Fueling a firestorm of retweeting and memes replacing the photo with images like hockey mascot gritty and satirizing her words like this one pretending to be written by the mom of '80s pop star Rick Astley. He won't go on solo dates even though he never gave up, let you down, run around or deserted you, make you cry, say good-bye, tell a lie or hurt you and it's been used by activists who believe men are in danger of being falsely accused of sexual assault. Him too is certainly controversial. Not only because it undermines the me too movement which is this global movement. It's promoting the idea that false accusations are prevalent which in reality they're not. Reporter: But now this Navy vet has found himself inadvertently at the center of the him too movement all thanks to mom. To clear the air peter quickly created his own Twitter account to let everyone know that he and his mom are not on the same page. Saying, that was my mom. Sometimes the people we love do things that hurt us without realizing it. Let's turn this around. I respect and #believewomen. I never have and never will support #himtoo. His mom apologizing saying I learned a valuable lesson about the internet and hope to move on with the great relationship we've always had. All right. Let's get to this. Pieter Hanson and his brother John join us now. We were all laughing in here during that story. You guys are laughing. We were laughing now, but mom's not here, all's forgiven. Everything is good. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. You guys hashed it out. How did the conversation go? Well, after a whirlwind of things played out after that I gave her a call and said, hey, mom, I love you, you're still my mom. This was a mulligan, you know. She got you. You did it this time, mom. I think just deep down she just meant really well and everyone -- What was she thinking? You were the first to talk to her. So she was having a political debate with someone on Twitter. She just started being active a few weeks ago and thought it was kind of a private conversation, didn't realize that it was going to be something that went out to the world. She didn't really underdirect -- Her first week on Twitter. She figured that out. And you say you think it's because -- at the baseline she wants grandkids one day. Oh, yeah. She's looking at the clock. Every time. You felt like you had to clarify, though. This is a heated debate. Yes, it is, yeah, I just wanted -- I figured in the moment I was -- my brother, my best friend encouraged me, peter, be yourself, be that positive ridiculous loving person you are but make your clarification, do what you have to do and come out as who you are so I felt really, you know, this is what I need to do. So mom is new to Twitter and you didn't even have a Twitter account when all this started. I had no idea how to tweet her. And now you've got 40,000 -- 43,000 followers. What do you do with this? Well, obviously when you get 43,000 followers, you start posting pictures of your cat, so, yeah, that's exactly what I did. I went on there and I was like, all right, I have a lot of cat photos, you're welcome, America. And then -- There have been some good reactions. You guys have had fun with it. I had in the neighborhood of 10,000 cat photos sent to me in my in box which was the best thing ever. But the most important question, any prospects come out of this. Yeah. Yes, I am single. Still single. Yes, I am. He does go on solo dates. Yes, I do. All right. Next time he's on his own. So I have a lot of offers already. People asking if I will fly anywhere around the world even. I've had as far as Australia, hey, come on out. I'll take you down under. There you go. Well, good luck with the dating. That sounded terrible.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"A tweet posted by Pieter Hanson's mother about why he won't date went viral and fueled a firestorm of backlash and debate about the #MeToo and subsequent #HimToo movements. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58458082","title":"Brothers at the center of viral #HimToo tweet speak out ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/brothers-center-viral-himtoo-tweet-speak-58458082"}