How this chef is coping after her dream job got put on hold during COVID-19 pandemic

Stephanie Tarnowsky, a chef from Washington D.C., shared how her life has been since filing for unemployment during COVID-19 shutdown.
7:10 | 04/20/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How this chef is coping after her dream job got put on hold during COVID-19 pandemic
We are who. Hopefully ninety successfully filing unemployment claim this will be the fourth time I've tried with let's say crashing. Not then we're going. The service industry for about all the years. That's. Lott oh. A worker. And I think there's a lot. And her to stay busy and hopefully people aren't permanent. I had decided to do and series Wear shorts. To just Taylor might unseat him when all of these stocks ingredients you have in your entry. It is the McCready he might it today at one point it went from. Chaos. Effort that now ill. And it can a big dinner. A lot of time and grill. With the summer I'm you know that's been married. We went on. AA almost freely Connie and you Perkins their industry and really aren't I am op. How about opportunity let me thank. We have. Renewed feeling come online but. I loved my previous job but it for change. And unfortunately. We asked what happens a lot of new restaurant construction and permanent longer. O I dot com and at a public earning couple week out there it. Getting tackled more and more. And and I. It really had a lot. Things I've been wanting an op. It and it got me working with really incredible people. Not an eerie and creating my career. M bosh and Elaine really excited. People are like oyster. The a dream shirt. Not just made but a lot of people and it really air and friends leading businesses. But as we love going closing when I found out I'm officially. Letters and your op. It was hardly any reality that eggs and certainly if I Hermosillo and I'm just like I am I is that everybody in. It's natural on but. I also feel it I'm really lucky I don't care Blake. And he and I try to limit how much we are. Out the negative implications. Are at and finance and you know talk relic power and a month. The debt buster and we are. Hopefully ninety successfully filed an employment claim on this will be the fourth time I've tried. Oh with let's say. Crashing. It's opening this works out because on the job and hasn't done its job on its little scary. Then iron. Let all of a country. An. Able. Math and people Aaron Brown an Aaron now we can't call it like it or our earth. More. You want to be mad or you'll Ali are much like earth. And Clinton go through which is great. Events. The District of Columbia. The office on unemployment insurance just a little. It all the paperwork. On it early aren't we. Lindsay it took us here. You know at a time management apparently didn't. Her future and. A lot watch slot ED. A deep breath I think a lot of no doubt a lot of people and you. Muster. 93 nights on Friday. This would hardly be prime time Perkins restaurants. Just to see it gets really quiet. You feel isolated even if you have another name you name it and is being able to allow it well in Iraq well. Some very aren't about it seems so few people on the streets or when he deeds done. Wearing masks play. Or ill ill. Return to stay positive and I think it's been. Husbands and it is also spend more time that are adorable mischievous little hear pastor. A fresher. And speak. Out. And. Bomb hit like long term and Blake. Hey you know we are able errant bomb lit and it. I actually have some compassion isn't fridge in the house the indeed so this being good opportunity T do you manage kittens. I've been trying to duties like cooking videos her folks and actually cooking lesson via house party it's. Not and in. They hate us and answer right Ers are at. Beyond them money it's just fun for me is he be able to do that you. It's our version tough. Feat he believes orders come and you basically minimal contact. It. I am. Really happy Q how. And part time hours but found I think this area is still around a lot of people like us like that name and I worry about everyday. It might get a get I get on the and my husband that. A lot of it's that don't it grew. I think people are gonna need really isn't an imminent mountainous. And realize their favorite cafe are there eight rental apps on it's an open bar. I hope that in import all Philly. Realize the importance of care that and all its employees but a lot of us are hard. And don't make a lot of money and don't get benefit the scary. I don't like how to myself and being negative. But for now I wanna be enough. The. They can best and it's the standings isn't the first.

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{"duration":"7:10","description":"Stephanie Tarnowsky, a chef from Washington D.C., shared how her life has been since filing for unemployment during COVID-19 shutdown.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70228723","title":"How this chef is coping after her dream job got put on hold during COVID-19 pandemic","url":"/GMA/Living/video/chef-coping-dream-job-put-hold-covid-19-70228723"}