3 deserving Americans surprised with cars from Mazda

"GMA" sponsor Mazda is giving away 50 cars to deserving heroes across the country.
7:31 | 12/02/20

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Transcript for 3 deserving Americans surprised with cars from Mazda
Now to stories of some of the inspiring people who have stepped up to serve others during the covid crisis and we are celebrating them this morning. Ginger, you have all the Ah this, is a good one, Michael. Difficult times have brought out the good in people and we are seeing so many stories of neighbors helping neighbors across our nation that this segment spob by mazda is going to be an exciting one. Their 100th anniversary they wanted to honor 50 deserving Americans and we have three of those 50 with us live. Starr Thompson, Jennifer Williams and Leo Pessoa. You're on "Good morning America" right now. I don't know that they knew it. I hope there's not too much -- we'll talk to all of them in a moment. First we want to look at your stories. Meet 30-year-old Leo Pessoa, nearly every day he comes to this makeshift food pantry in Lansing, Michigan and during the pandemic he made it his mission to keep it stocked. The staircase lined with items he bought himself or collected from friends. Every day on the way out I would take a couple of items and I would take them to the box and every time I would go there the box was empty. Reporter: At times he spent up to $200 a week. A gesture that's even more special because he's paying for it with his unemployment checks. Out of work since may Leo lost his job as a hole tell bellman due to the shutdown. When the pandemic hit he was more concerned about other people than he was himself. He's looking outor people he doesn't even know. Reporter: Meanwhile in west Virginia, special education teacher Jennifer Williams isn't letting 2020 set her high school students back. Hand delivering supplies to their doorsteps then turning at home learning into an opportunity to teach new life We've been learning how to cook. I'm mopping and vacuuming my classroom. They need that skill. Reporter: When they fell behind in from diggal art class she volunteered her own time to design a special one just for kids like 16-year-old Alex who now creates beautiful works of art his mom can appreciate. She really does care very much for her students and that's what makes us love R. Reporter: Her husband Ryan also moved by her dedication. I've never probably told her but it pushes me and drives me every single day to be better at what I do, better husband, a better father. A better employee, a better friend and it's god given and you can't make it up. Reporter: Finally meet Stormer all-American college football player now coach Starr Thompson who has become a role model in his community. Achief! Reporter: He could be found leading story time or mentoring young athletes. You never know what beacon of light could be the spark people needopel them. In a world of darkness there has to be light and he's that height. Reporter: That light shining on 13-year-old Jamon. He told us how to be a better persw to be respectful and how to encourage others. Reporter: To his friends what defines this 22-year-old, he never stops giving. Whether it's a guy walking by and he goes, oh, shoot, man, I don't have any gas money, here's 20 buck, I will meet you at the field and say 5:00, get out of practice then, I can push my other stuff there and see you there. When everything sucks for a lot of people, and you have a friend like that, yeah, that was awesome. Reporter: Now our sponsor mazdasaying thank you. We've been quite inspired by the stories that we've heard. Relationship for their 100th anniversary their maada hear es honoring the human spirit program is awarding 50 desering Americans with a brand-new economy yacht that 100th anniversary special edition. Our philosophy has been to find innovative ways of brighteninging people's lives with our products. It's not about the car. The story is about the amazing ways in which all these people supported their communities through this challenging year. Reporter: Three deserving heroes worth celebrating. What incredible stories they are and we are so excited to talk to our heroes this morning. Welcome all three of you and Starr, I'll start with you. You donated the proceeds of your camp to a community outreach center let kids join for free. Why was this all so important to you? Yeah, well, first and foremost thank you for having me and I'd like to say that I've always heard that thed Davis learning center is an amazing place that's done great work for youth in the community and also for me personally I always had a heart for children. Always loved to interact with them and also I felt like in my childhood personally I always had people that have invested in me to mold me and facilitate my growth to the point where I am today and soy felt called and compelled to try and fill that role for some of the kids in my local area. You're not trying to fill it. You're absolutely are filling it and, Jennifer, you've been so dedicated to your students throughout the pandemic, we know it's tough for teachers and student as like. So what keeps you motivated? Honestly it's the kids. They show up every day. They're excited to be there. They -- as crazy as things are, we're trying to keep everything normal and we're seeing these special Ed students grow leaps and bounds still in this pandemic and they're excited and proud of what they're doing so just seeing that every day keeps me motivated. No doubt and Leo, we know you've been using your unemployment checks to stock food for your community. What do you hope others will learn from your work? You know, I'm so grateful to be able to help some people with food insecurity during this pandemic and, you know, I already have some friends calling and saying, what is the box? How can I donate some food and this is very inspiring for me so my hope is that those small gestures would make other people to help not just throughout the pandemic but also afterward. Well, Leo, you use the word grateful. We're grateful for all three of you. Ginger, you have something that you want to tell our finalists so take it away. I sure do, Michael. I know that we told you that you were finalists but guess what, you are actually wingers of a mazda 100 special anniversary car. What! Oh, yeah. No way. Oh. Guess what, you're the winners. And you don't have to wait to see your new car. They are right outside your door. Guys, you got 30 seconds. Get up, go see the car, it is right outside. What? Go, go, get up, do it. There they go. All right, we'll seeirir reaction when's we come back so stick around. "Gma's" community heroes is sponsored by Traditional pharmacies are, well, traditional.

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{"duration":"7:31","description":"\"GMA\" sponsor Mazda is giving away 50 cars to deserving heroes across the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74499563","title":"3 deserving Americans surprised with cars from Mazda","url":"/GMA/Living/video/deserving-americans-surprised-cars-mazda-74499563"}