Facial recognition tech rolling out in animal shelters

It's a high-tech way to reunite lost pets with their owners as an estimated 10 million pets are lost in the U.S., according to the animal welfare group American Humane.
4:14 | 12/11/18

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Transcript for Facial recognition tech rolling out in animal shelters
We are back now with that high-tech way to reunite lost pets with their owners. According to the animal welfare group, an estimated 10 million pets are lost in the U.S. Every year. And Lara is here to show us how it works. With Lucy. Yes, you'll find that Lucy is here but if you've ever lost a pet you know how heartbreaking it can be until you are reunited. This facial recognition technology is being used to help do just that. Help make sure your missing pet doesn't stay missing for long. Kevin and his dog sergeant back together after being separated. A happy reunion between man and his best friend. I was excited. I ran into my parents' door, knocked on it and said I found sergeant. Reporter: It's thanks to finding rover which uses a new tool used on humans, face recognition. Here how it works. Upload a photo of your missing cat or dog and type in lost and basic information and it scans a database of rescued or found animals that could be a match either locally or anywhere in the country. Through it we have reunited over 15,000 pets with their owners. Reporter: John is the app's founder. Wouldn't it be cool if they can identify dogs and cats? Reporter: Pet faces are more difficult to analyze than humans' faces but with more than 130 scan points like fur color and texture, snout length and space between the eyes finding rover's face recognition has proven 98% effective. The app so precise, even a photo of Roxy wearing sunglasses turned up a positive I.D. And for pet owners at this dog shelter in Baltimore, Maryland, it's been a saving grace. Go we struggle with the lost and found until we started to use this tool. Reporter: Caroline Childress lost both her dogs at the same time but found them both using the app. Once I posted it, it was immediate. I put the photo up, it did a search and boom, it was amazing. Reporter: It partnered with nearly 600 shelters in the U.S., Canada and Australia. And are adding more every week. It gives everybody the opportunity to save a lost pet by taking a photo of it. You don't need to own one to save one. This is not meant to be a replacement for getting your dog microchipped. It's meant to be an added layer of protection. Lucy is very stressed to be here. She's going to help she's us how it works. I have the fining rover app up on the screen. This is a photo of Lucy. We uploaded that last night and for our demonstration we marked her as being lost, thankfully she is not. If a shelter or good samaritan finds Lucy they would need to -- they would just snap a photo of her, upload it to the app, marking her as found, the app will match the two, literally in seconds. For this demo we uploaded a found photo. I clicked search. It's scanning the face. There are all the found dogs in my area that might be a match for Lucy. Lucy is on the top right there. It's a match. There it is. It really does work, you guys. Again, this is not meant to replace the microchipping. It is an added layer. It isn't just for dog owners. If you have the app and stumble on a lost cat, dog, turtle, okay, just cat or dog, take the photo, it could make you a hero and really, really change a family's life because let me tell you if I lost this nugget, I would be absolutely devastated. I know. I think she needs an agent. She just owns the camera Look at her. Wow. This app is not for sloths. She's always so chill. I adopted her a year and a half ago and she's been stressed ever since. She's fall ago sleep. Yes, rockabye, baby. Thank you. Important information. Great app. Please check it out. Please get your rescue on. Yes. Both of those things.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"It's a high-tech way to reunite lost pets with their owners as an estimated 10 million pets are lost in the U.S., according to the animal welfare group American Humane.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59744644","title":"Facial recognition tech rolling out in animal shelters","url":"/GMA/Living/video/facial-recognition-tech-rolling-animal-shelters-59744644"}