Huge savings from woman-owned small businesses

Tory Johnson shows us deals from Lulu Dharma's Tall Tote bag, Denise Albright Studio's organization products, and ABC "Shark Tank"'s TushBaby for your baby’s high chair, plus more!
4:16 | 08/01/20

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Transcript for Huge savings from woman-owned small businesses
Here's a look at your local forecast. Tory Johnson is here with huge savings this morning, all from women owned small businesses. Tory, lots of cool stuff here for us this morning. Eva, we're going to have some fun here. We're starting with a great Boston based company called uwila warrior. It's a little bit of a heartbreak for me. This is a company that has a store in Boston. It was closed during covid. They were allowed to open one month ago, and in one month they've had one sale. So we're going to change that today because they make really beautiful underwear, camisoles. It's a size inclusive brand, extra small to 3xl. Just beautiful products, beautiful selection that you will find online and a beautiful price because everything is 50% off. So these start at $11. Then we're going to go to a very fun company making its "Gma" deals debut called honey & hank and they make 100% cotton tea towels and it's called design with a wink. If you look, Eva, at the ones in front of you that I sent to the studio, the Texas longhorns, if you look closely, they're designed with the shape of the state of Texas. There's a Navy one there that is prickly pear cactus from Texas. So for every single one of their patterns, they use the outline of the state to form a pattern, a design that gives you some state pride. Huge assortment that you will find online. They call it design with a wink. Today they're 50% off, so the tea towels are $10. Then Catherine Weitzman. We're going all the way to Hawaii for this one. She is a designer based in Hawaii who uses all pressed flowers that local artisans, a whole team that she has, works to put between the little glass chamber inside of these beautiful pendants. There's also crushed gemstones, just a variety of shaker necklaces. That is her signature piece. They're available in gold and silver plating. Just a delightful assortment. Much bigger that you will find online. All 50% to 77% off, so these prices start at $20 and free shipping from Catherine Weitzman. Then to lulu dharma. These are really great tote bags. They are vegan suede with vegan leather handles, and what's great about these is that they are a tall, slim tote, so they're specifically designed to not throw every single thing in the kitchen sink in there because it's heavy on your shoulders and back, so this is designed for a laptop and just the day's essentials. They're slashed by 58%, so today they are $29. Then Denise Albright studio. Denise is all about helping to keep families organized, everything from gratitude journals and budget planners, lots of stickers and beautiful things to get kids ready for back to school. There's a fun earn and learn chore chart. Just a bright design and fun assortment from this company, all slashed by more than 50% so $3 to $15. And then finally, we end on a company called tushbaby. This was featured in "Shark tank" designed by a mom and imagine it's kind of like a hip belt that has a foam seat on it to help a parent hold a child so that the weight is properly distributed to save mom or dad's back. There's a variety of colors and patterns. It also has a great pocket to be able to stuff diapers and essentials in and just feel a little easier when you're carrying a kid on the go. These are slashed in half, so they start at $39.50. So fun, women owned businesses. Eva? I put the tushbaby on because I felt like whit always wears the things. There you go. You're learning from Vanna whit. You need to come up with a comparable name. Thanks, Tory. And we've partnered with all of these companies on these deals. You can get them on our website, Whit, Dan, over to you. She could be Eva white. I mean, it's close, right? No? Okay, fine. I just can't get over the fact she's wearing a product called the tushbaby. Eva, thank you very much.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Tory Johnson shows us deals from Lulu Dharma's Tall Tote bag, Denise Albright Studio's organization products, and ABC \"Shark Tank\"'s TushBaby for your baby’s high chair, plus more!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72118894","title":"Huge savings from woman-owned small businesses","url":"/GMA/Living/video/huge-savings-woman-owned-small-businesses-72118894"}