Lara Spencer's pup, Riva, gets remote puppy training

Dog owners spending more time with their dogs in quarantine are noticing how that their pets still need more training.
7:46 | 07/08/20

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Transcript for Lara Spencer's pup, Riva, gets remote puppy training
Back with someone who is a force behind the camera. A ground breaker making her mark as a writer, executive producer and director for shows like "Pose," "Hollywood" and "The politician," Janet mock with us. Good morning to you. Thank you for being with us and I guess the first question is can you believe it? Look, I know it's always a point to try to get better representation, more stories for people of color, women of color, the trans people as well. You're in a position of power still underrepresentation in that realm but here you are in that position and really the question is, can you believe it now? You've been on quite a journey. I can't believe it. You know, the last three years of my life has been like a huge film school on set starting with "Pose," you know, when Ryan Murphy our show runner called me and asked me to be a part of it. I had no idea it would change my life in this way. I've been able to bright for people who look like me and direct actors who come from my community. It's been an overwhelming humbng and honoring People ask all the time how can you increase diversity, diversity of stories in Hollywood? When people ask thaw is the answer, me, Janet mock because you are now in that position of is it that simple to where you put someone in position like you and stories will trickle down and out? I think so. I think that what's, you know, really important is to ensure that when we're telling stories about black people, about women, about lgbt people, we recruit, hire and support that talent that comes from those communities. I think that the most, you know, powerful and impactful storytelling tends to be the story telling that actually comes authentically from the communities that we're seeing on screen, television has such a power, as you know, to you know, allow us to Enright people who are not like us into our homes so they we can share space with them and learn to love them so that we feel with them. And that's something I've noticed with the power of "Pose" really has been this way to connect and build bridges of understanding between different dineds of human beings. You said the power of "Pose" and I've used the word ground breaking probably a couple times already but I need to use it again for this show. All kinds of acclaim, people love it. It's a powerful, powerful show but you got a third season. You were less than two weeks into shooting the third season and had to shut down. Where are we now on filming and when can we expect you to get going again? Yeah, you know, as you said, I was directing a season three premiere of "Pose" when we got the call we need to shut down for safety and I think for us right now as an executive producer on the show and director it's really been, you know, the utmost importance is the safety of our cast and our crew. We will not go back until we can ensure there are new measures. There's this new normal coming in. That there's no doorknobs that we've properly clustered people in right and safe ways and the big ballroom scene tass are the trademark of "Pose" to ensure background actors can still be in the room with us and I think it will be a ways away before we can do that in the bronx. A lot of fans of the show are excited to hear that the ballroom scene. "Hollywood," do you still have pinch myself moments with the cast that you're working with and what you're getting to do now, Jim parsons, queen latifah. All kinds of people you've been working with these days. Really, I just sat at their feet and listened to them all the time. It was just being able to see my heroes, Patti lupone, rob Reiner, Holland Taylor and newcomers like the great big star that he is, Jeremy pope to do what they do every single day, to hear stories from the sets of when Harry met Sally from Rob Reiner and Patti lupone talking about playing Evita and I had such an honor to be able to direct and write them in two episodes. I'm sure they're talking about your brilliance as well. You're getting all kinds of Emmy buzz. Congratulations on everything you're doing and continue to represent. Janet mock, an absolute pleasure. Hope to see you down the road.

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{"duration":"7:46","description":"Dog owners spending more time with their dogs in quarantine are noticing how that their pets still need more training.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71666633","title":"Lara Spencer's pup, Riva, gets remote puppy training","url":"/GMA/Living/video/lara-spencers-pup-riva-remote-puppy-training-71666633"}