Paralympian's inspiring story of strength and resolve

About 100,000 people from around the world are running for those who can't.
3:30 | 05/06/18

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Transcript for Paralympian's inspiring story of strength and resolve
Love it and down. Com and our rob Marciano is 100000. People all of the planet. Running for those cool enough and we are cheering everybody on this morning they're taking part. In the wings for life and world ride participants in the global charity event they're raising money for spinal cord research so rob we're gonna check in with you one more tie in the how's it going you're looking great great more free form. Alienates yeah yeah started for the book. I did not analyze its top this year but we do whatever here. Our hot and another quarter break for television I gotta not over yet but doesn't matter because. People who aren't we trying to help how to. Have a far wars I get to meet people latest every year so inspirational. One introduced through to a woman. Who story. Blow you away. Mallory Wegman was an active athletic teenager and growing up a lifelong summer competed since I was seven. Two other sisters who were Summers is filing that was just kind of our family affair swimming all through high school. Then during a routine procedure her life cheese forever eighteen year old girl when and for an epidural injection and I never walked out. That's not an easy thing to get over. But it just three months Mallory got back in the pool I was completely terrified. I had no idea how my body was gonna react. And I just remember with and for five. Freestyle strokes are looking up at black line. All the fear and uncertainty washed away more than a sanctuary it would take her all the way to the paralympics podium and winning a gold medal and a and a bronze man. It was London Tony Thomas incredible you know it was kind of for me this building moments of the journey she don't want to get beaten Rio 2016 with their eyes on Tokyo twenties when he. But there have been many setbacks along the way so even ten years after the injury her body still changing. And not necessarily from better and you're smiling through. If I get this guy. Well I met that guy Jeremy and Mallory for the first time while running in last year's race when they told me they met and married after Mallory to injury. You walk down the. I did. How important is that to you I really wanted. To have that moment of being arm in arm with my dad. And going on the Ohio and being able to see Jay I'd try to it was hard to be up on the altar to not so well last year with a three was hurt were running the wings. For life for all run together you're not going to be there know how much can get in this race without the two well you're just gonna have to keep running that's your advice. Running but just feel like they say just keeps on ain't just confronting. About that not get comfortable with the pain she sat. I'm in pain now that a comfortable site is not comfortable rut but. Mallory Brooks so many others insured now have a different mindset and it just fired you luck probably that we felt. But on behalf of the 400 down to people around the world. We were armed. Bruno you can't write I did the. I'm a big guy robs rubs racing for the next water break. It can't stand you brought up a good point it is so incredibly hard to do it rob is doing well it's not I didn't do TV and talk and run and he's been doing distance at that that's that is amazing. At a convention kudos to Iraq and everybody on his running this morning.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"About 100,000 people from around the world are running for those who can't.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54969369","title":"Paralympian's inspiring story of strength and resolve","url":"/GMA/Living/video/paralympians-inspiring-story-strength-resolve-54969369"}