Pet adoption month

Our own Whit Johnson has added a new family member from a pet shelter and explains the possible challenges adopting during a pandemic.
3:55 | 06/06/20

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Transcript for Pet adoption month
Yes, we are back now on "Gma." It is national pet adoption month. Extra special for me and my family because we have a new dog. His name is copper. We'll introduce you to him in just a bit. But adopting during the pandemic comes with a few additional challenges. Don't let that stop you. Shelters are getting creative in true social distancing style. Animal shelters across the country are reporting a surge in adoptions during the pandemic. People stuck in isolation, desperate for the companionship of a furry friend. We have had an overwhelming response of people looking to adopt. Everybody is taking advantage of the fact that they are at home staying where they should be, safe and healthy but also welcoming in a shelter animal and spending time with them. Reporter: After our beloved rescue Nemo passed away last year at 17 years old my wife, kids and I all agreed now would be the perfect time to adopt again. But the process in this new world is tricky. Virtual adoptions is totally new to us because of the pandemic. We have tablets and we use zoom like everyone else. Ah. Reporter: North shore animal league America guiding us through a round of virtual speed dating. Oh, cute. Then our hearts melted when they sent us a video text of this little guy, which later became love at first zoom. This particular rescue came in from one of our shelter partners in Tennessee. The puppy is almost 12 weeks old at the end of this week. Reporter: The next day the whole family wearing masks made it official in person. Oh. Reporter: My girls spontaneously naming him copper with his brown sugar coat giving one more pup a forever home. And we are so happy to have copper as part of our family now and joining us live from home, my wife Andrea, our girls and there he is, copper right there. Hi, everybody. Say hi, copper. He's sitting still for a second. Whoo. Which is surprising. Ask the gir, Andrea real quick, who is more fun, the puppy or Who is more fun, the puppy or daddy? The puppy. There's a consensus, the puppy. Yeah, okay. All right. Well, I know that the girls are going to help us out here. North shore animal league America shared some great tips for anyone thinking about adopting a pet. So right now my girls, lea and summer, do you have your signs ready? You're going to walk us through the tips, right. You have your signs? Lea, you go first. Connect with your local shelter. Okay. That means call them, email, find out how they're conducting adoptions right now. Sometimes you can fill out a pre-application as well for approval. And, all right, summer, you ready for tip number two, reach out on social media. Summer, where is your sign? There you go. You got your sign. Other way, summer. Reach out on social media. Of course, a lot of these shelters are -- they're very active on social media right now so you can send them dms. You can make comments on specific posts and could get you in contact with the people who are actually coordinating the all right, number three, lea, you have the last one. Be patient. And copper is being so patient right now. Many shelters, they're working with limited staff. Demand for pets is high, so the process might take a little longer. All right, girls. You did a great job. Copper is like why are you holding me? For so long he was doing well. Those are all such great tips. Now we have a surprise for you. A surprise? Yes. We have a little surprise. There it is. What? Yes. An amazing gift basket from "Gma." We wanted copper to have the best start ever in the Johnson home so the "Gma" doggie gift bag. Thank you. That's really cute. That's amazing. Thank you, guys. Thanks, girls. Do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging?

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Our own Whit Johnson has added a new family member from a pet shelter and explains the possible challenges adopting during a pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71108305","title":"Pet adoption month","url":"/GMA/Living/video/pet-adoption-month-71108305"}