Research suggests that most new year's resolutions start to fail by mid-January

Jamie Hess, creator of NYC Fit Fam on Instagram has tips to keep us on track.
3:10 | 01/11/20

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Transcript for Research suggests that most new year's resolutions start to fail by mid-January
jump-start January. We are 11 days into the new year and research suggests that we're just a week away from when most of those new year's resolutions start to fail. Yeah, but we want to help you before that happens, so we've got solutions to help keep you on track, and Jamie Hess, creator of nyc fit Fam on Instagram is here to help us out. Hello. Great to have you. Great to be here. We were talking about January because January is a really good time to jump-start your new year and get into the gym. Why is that? January is the best time and I'll tell you why. The race is on to get your business and gyms know that. So there are incredible deals. Now most people don't know you can actually like test drive a gym. Don't be afraid to shop around. Most gyms will let you do a day pass, and you should go in there because you don't want to end up at a gym for heavy body builders when you were looking for Zumba classes. According to yelp's 2020 wellness report, indoor cycling, dancing and swimming are on the rise but not every workout is right for everyone. Let's head to our punch board and what we have here, we'll start with busy moms. I can totally relate. Tell us what's right for busy should I punch it? Yes, punch it. Boom. Don't hold back, janai. All right. More powerful than I thought. High intensity classes. High intensity classes. Busy mom here, I get it. I get you, guys. I hate to tell you but if you only have one hour of time a couple times a week, you have got to make it count. You want something that's going to give you cardio and weights and it's really going to torch calories. I understand high, you know, intensity workouts can be a little intimidating. A couple tips. Raise your hand and tell them that you are new. They're there to help you. Grab an accountability partner and sign up together and use the three-time rule and don't just go one time. Just because you felt a little intimidated stop. Try it out three times before you make a decision. Got it. Is that a shake weight or regular weight? The shake weight. All right. College students living on a budget. That's right. Boom, here we go. Body weight and fitness app. Okay, so "B" is for body weight and "B" is also for budget. Right. So if you're on a budget, it's a real myth you need all this expensive get a good sweat. All you need is your body, a plan and an app. So many great apps out there. Download one that can kind of walk you through and put it on your calendar so you have made an appointment with yourself to work out. If you're short on space because you're in a college dorm room, don't be afraid to grab your mobile device and head on down to the school's gym and carve out a corner for yourself. Got it. Very good tips here. How about the guys looking to start something new. With the elbow this time. Mix it up. Look, it's Dan Harris. Exactly. And that is why he is so zen. And we love Dan. Guys, I love you. I cannot tell you how many times I hear yoga is not for me. And it is. I'm going to tell you why. Yoga is great for everybody. Because of the stretching element, it can actually really alleviate joint and back pain which is something so many men struggle with. It can also release the hormone oxytocin which is the love hormone. Oh, okay. I love that. But that can also decrease your blood pressure which is great. All right, Jamie, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"Jamie Hess, creator of NYC Fit Fam on Instagram has tips to keep us on track.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68214806","title":"Research suggests that most new year's resolutions start to fail by mid-January","url":"/GMA/Living/video/research-suggests-years-resolutions-start-fail-mid-january-68214806"}