Save big on refurbished electronics this school year

ABC News' Becky Worley shares tips to stay under budget as you prepare for the new school year.
4:21 | 08/10/18

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Transcript for Save big on refurbished electronics this school year
andecky wilw us how save onhnology Becky, this I about looking for items that have been refurbished but what refurbished? Let's GE into that word. Refurbished basically means it waseturned some reason. Maybe it was defe damaged trant, maybe somebody didn't like the color. But it's bed. The box has been opened andow they're sell it again.there's a stinctionhere, though, between sell rerbished a manufacturer refurbished so seller ished, you probably haveike a big box storer online. What means Iha red, the ller or retai look at it a said,t looks pretty goo and box it back up it at a discount. They inspected itnd might H replaced a part and they often will give a F yr Warran so that is a lot sar. Big erence. A safer. So tech U buy refurbished and howuc can you save? You can save qte ant amount let look at phones to start with ca that' greathing to buy. Remember, we' talking about or ents. They'll crack that scree fa. From experience, I know that wiy ki yeah. Always. So, WHA you want too I let's talk about the iPhone first. Have an iPhone 7. It retails for $549 butou can get iturbished from apple with a newterynd a year warranty for $ that's 50 bucks f.out 10%. That's pretty good. If you're wng T take T gamble and refurb you can get online tore LI little as $379 with -day warranty. Not the same warranty. Tleore of a gamble. Risk and thfrom Samsung. We have the --nef galaxy phones here, O 599 but can get it for 470 cks so that'$1savings. Pretty good and say, don't buy a phone refurbished that's older than two ars,ecause a lot of that hardwaandle the update Thnology ha changed so much inhe last two years. Under Laptops? They're studentsre going to be taking everywherey tool so if they buy a refurbisd loop, this was $342, originally we Gott for 4. Over $115savis. I was told there wouldno ma're doing good with it. Rly 115 bucks off. So what's great abouthiss that your kid is going to this up so if a couplf scuff mark, no deal. Able to getcificationou wantbut enough and you got big savings. Scu marks add ch now, what should you be cauti Abt buying refurbishe Well, if this TV doesn'tiv you aindication,oly, cow, look at thrackn Thi thing. We don't know if it HAPD in transit to fromhe sell. That's the point.big huge Ts in B boxes going back andth somebod S it back, more opptu break I the box. This is like going -- send kids back to school like a boss, whoendshe to hoh a 50-inch TV? Riike, that's the kind of school I want too to Ng a lot of parents send 32-inch TVs, you the rm room an out of the frat parties. You know what I'm Ying. Yo kids going to college neverow. Nt to keep them at home and calm, but one other thing not buy wh refshedard drives. Ittoresll you dat was sent back for a reason. It wast because thedn't the color. If ts and you LE all term paper, not good. That's not "A" plus decision. A lot of Toake. Becky, thank you. U're much. Wey loveitso many G ti. Get all of Becky's

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"ABC News' Becky Worley shares tips to stay under budget as you prepare for the new school year. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57131366","title":"Save big on refurbished electronics this school year","url":"/GMA/Living/video/save-big-refurbished-electronics-school-year-57131366"}