Scalpers use bots to buy must-have gifts

New consoles in high demand are almost completely sold out and a "Grinch bot" appears to be to blame.
3:20 | 11/30/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Scalpers use bots to buy must-have gifts
This year the new video game consoles are almost completely sold out. The grinch bot appears to be to blame. Becky Worley explains. Reporter: They're the most sought after gifts. Sony's ps5 and Xbox video game consoles. Seemingly sold out everywhere. You cannot get your hands on it. Reporter: Black Friday shoppers camping out for days. Some stores only getting a few at a time. We've been trying to get PlayStation 5. Reporter: At this game stop Morgan got the last Xbox. He's hoping to sell it for $850. Planning on selling it. Reporter: He's not the only one looking to flip them. Online shoppers barely had a chance this year because of bots, software programs that can complete a purchase faster than any human, wiping the inventory clean after items are posted. Resellers listing the consoles for up to four times the price. There are bots specifically designed to break through all the other thousands of people trying to get on that website and they are able to place a bunch of orders simultaneously for a bunch of different Reporter: This isn't illegal, but they break many retailers' rules. It feels like somebody is cheating a system that's supposed to be flat for everyone. It's up to retailers to try to police that to limit supply per customer. Reporter: Sony said they'll have more stock before yearend. Microsoft said they're working as fast a they can. Robin, yikes. This is a cabbage patch doll Christmas nightmare for parents. You're telling on yourself with your age saying that. I remember that well as well. Besides the bots snagging up the consoles is covid causing any scarcity issues? Reporter: It is. Online shopping this week was expected to be up 20%. That's what we're seeing. That meansitems selling out. Target has beats for $174. That's $175 discount and the lowest price. It's limited on the colors. I'm worried it's going to sell out. Another example Amazon has the apple watch for $349, so $50. In the most popular colors it's back ordered until January 14th. Is this the last day to get the best deals out there? Reporter: Robin, it's definitely show time. Prices will go up after today. I call today cyber shoe day, lots of clothing, beauty, shoes.vies 40% off. Gap 50% off. Clark shoes 50%. Macy's has 1,700 make-up items for sale. Walgreens has 30% off. You can get everything at Walgreens. Becky Worley reporting from our super saversmand center. Thank you, Becky. We'll have more bargains on the way with "Deals & steals" coming

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"New consoles in high demand are almost completely sold out and a \"Grinch bot\" appears to be to blame.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74458169","title":"Scalpers use bots to buy must-have gifts","url":"/GMA/Living/video/scalpers-bots-buy-gifts-74458169"}