How to set up dating profiles and first date fashion

Jess Mulroney share tips on how to find the perfect match by making over your online dating profile.
5:30 | 07/05/19

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Transcript for How to set up dating profiles and first date fashion
First though Sunday is the biggest dating day of the for more on that let's head over to Cecilia. Hey, guys. So, it's time for our summer of love series. According to the Sunday after the fourth of July is the biggest day of the year for online dating. Our friend Jess Mulroney is here to help us all get ready for this big holiday. Yes. Okay, so you have three women. Yes, I worked with three amazing girls. You went out, you helped them pick out date night outfits and helped them go over their online dating profiles and gave them good tips on the perfect selfie. The selfie isn't -- it's kind of iffy. We don't want any duck faces. No more duck faces on your online -- Please. No more looking into a better tomorrowment kind of like -- this. Yeah. You just show look into the camera. You know, these are -- like show who you are. That's what people want to see That's what people want to see. Exactly. The tips don't end there. You have more. Let's take a look. I'm Clare. I'm Lauren. And I'm crupa. Reporter: These New York City ladies are looking to heat up their profiles in hopes of finding summer love. These girls are all so gorgeous. I noticed a couple of things in their profiles I wanted to tweak. So get ready to swipe right. Reporter: Enter glam squad. Jess Mulroney, a consultant for bumble and Britney gray founder of fancy face giving the girls new fun in the sun looks from aritzio and Aldo. Have five to six current photos that represent you. Hi, Clare. Welcome. I have some great things picked out for you. Your profile looks great except you have some pictures of yourself as a baby. Very cute but we really just want pictures that are at the most a year old, okay. Okay. So we'll update that for you. Reporter: Her profile is on the right track with a mix of head shots but has a photo with sunglasses, a big no-no. We don't want to hide this gorgeous face. Brit is going to set you up. I think we need to bring a little bit of J. Lo in your life and give you bronzy glowy skin and you'll look like a star. Reporter: Showing her traveling, a big yes. But she has too many photos sharing the spotlight with her friends. Getting a little confusing of who you are. Okay. You need to be the center of attention. So I am going to style you up. We are going to make you look so fabulous and get that profile up to date. Perfect. I'm excited about it. Reporter: Let the glam begin. I feel like I'll be my best self with my hair and makeup done and do a photo shoot. Reporter: With last-minute touches all three are ready for their close-ups. Everyone did an amazing job. I love the yellow that Jess put me in, fun, flirty, confident so ready to G ready to swipe. I'm so excited. Definitely ready to start like swiping and feel like I should go on a date tonight. I feel so pretty. So glamorous, I hope that through these pictures and just updating my profile that I'll be able to find Mr. Right. All right. It is now time for the big reveal. You put together three very different looks. Appropriate for any time of the day so let's start with Claire. Ladies. Casual outfit, perfect for a day date. Day date, brunch, coffee, something to walk in the park, you know, instead of wearing denim as a casual look try a gorgeous maxi printed dress. You'll be casual. You'll feel comfortable and pair it with a great pair of sneaks. So cute. You're comfortable and feel good and you look great. It looks really good. Good first date. Swiping right. Swipe right on this one. So crupa, you're next. The perfect office from the date look. I know you love a good color. You know I do. I had to include it. Normally at the office you don't necessarily always elevate your look. This is a little more elevated knowing you're going on a date after. A great colorful power suit. Men really like a pants suit. They like a woman who's got a little power to her. You like it? It looks really cute. It's a sassy hot look. We're swiping right on you and Lauren, classic date night. You're going out. She is going out. This is like a proper dinner date. She is wearing a t-shirt dress so it's very comfortable but looks really sexy. It's like a bit of a modern day Cinderella look. Clear, the glass slipper. You can stay out past midnight in those bad boy. Showing a little leg but not too much. Perfect first date look. Really, really great. Then you have the tips on the selfies which are important. I like the no sunglasses in the profile picture. Why hide your face. You got to show it. Thank you. This was fantastic. You want to thank our friends. Absolutely. All the outfits are from aritzia and all the shoes are from Aldo. A lot of fun, guys. Thank you, ladies for being here and good luck. They're available, guys. They're ready to find love.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"Jess Mulroney share tips on how to find the perfect match by making over your online dating profile.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64147286","title":"How to set up dating profiles and first date fashion","url":"/GMA/Living/video/set-dating-profiles-date-fashion-64147286"}