Stokes Farm helps Ginger Zee grow a backyard garden

Amid the pandemic, farms and garden centers have noticed a growing interest in gardening and cultivating food, and one New Jersey business helped Zee start a garden at her home.
4:21 | 08/05/20

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Transcript for Stokes Farm helps Ginger Zee grow a backyard garden
And we are back with our "Open for business" series. Let's bring in ginger. I know you've been turning to your local business to help your garden grow and you got help today, too. I do. These have been my helpers the whole time and I just told them to smile so that's what you get. Yes, we know so many businesses were hurt in the pandemic and that included farms and garden center, but once they reopened they saw what you'd call a spike because people like me went into full survival mode and thought oh, my gosh, I have to make my own food and grow it, so we started gardens, and then we realized and said how do you do that? I went to stokes farms in new Jersey for help. Stokes farms where they've been growing this stuff for 147 years. Seven generations now run by Ronny and his family. That's right. You'll help me. A lot of people don't know where to start, where to begin, what to do, and how much space do I need to grow a tomato plant and when is the good time to pick a pepper. It is encouraging that people are asking the right questions. Ronny and I head to my house for gardening 101. We put in a raised garden bed in a spot that gets the most sun. The more sun, the better, for almost any vegetable or herb that you're going to grow. The bed enclosed with wires so our plants are safe from rabbits and deer. How much does it cost to make something like this? This, with all of the stuff about maybe $200. People are home right now. Yeah. And totally easy project. Perfectly easy project. Easy to do at home. We filled the Garnick with organic soil an inch or two beneath the wood and we're going with seedlings. It saves you an extra step from having to germinate the seeds. Taller in the back, shorter in the back. Your taller ones will grow in the back and not shade the Make sure the plant doesn't rot. This is a family that thank goodness loves peppers. This is one of the only vegetables that I can regularly get in my kids. These are critical. I love peppers. These are bell peppers. Even though the tag is green, they will get red. A green pepper is a red pepper? Yes. A green pepper is just an unripe red pepper. I did not know that. What's a yellow pepper then? A yellow pepper starts as a green pepper. And then will turn yellow. Stop light. We plant corn, squash, pepper, eggplant, arugula, kale, tomatoes, strawberry, Brussels sprouts. I know you wanted strawberries and we are running out of room. After two months of watering and lots of checking, we had a bounty. This garden has exploded. I mean, look at the corn! The garden is doing great. I cannot believe how much we've already gotten out of it. And the explosion is my last tip. This is a pickling cucumber plant. It has taken over the garden. I also had a zucchini that I had to take out because it was just too much so I will more carefully pick in the future. Ali had the exact same things. She built one of pens and the cucumbers have taken over. She's very proud of her cucumbers. What have you made from your The salad. The arugula and the kale and the lettuce, they regrow so I've had at least five salads. They don't love the arugula because it's super peppery, but it's so delicious and I've had lemon thyme and I've used that for a cake, chicken and each drinks. He sees a bee. Sorry. He's very excited about that. Do the boys have green Oh, my gosh, do they ever? Show them what you got just yesterday. Open it up. Look at that! Look at those huge pickling cucumbers and the corn came off. We are so excited. Tonight's dinner will be extra special and I'll bring you guys some pickles. Don't things just taste better when you grow them? I think so, ginger. So much, and I think I love knowing where it comes from. No question. I love that, too.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Amid the pandemic, farms and garden centers have noticed a growing interest in gardening and cultivating food, and one New Jersey business helped Zee start a garden at her home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72184592","title":"Stokes Farm helps Ginger Zee grow a backyard garden","url":"/GMA/Living/video/stokes-farm-helps-ginger-zee-grow-backyard-garden-72184592"}