Students in Indiana surprised with free internet service

T-Mobile will provide service to some students of the South Bend Community Schools Corporation, which will also receive a $20,000 donation from Donors Choose to help fund teachers' requests.
5:23 | 09/30/20

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Transcript for Students in Indiana surprised with free internet service
Just look at all the ways she's been screwing you over. Ection. Our special event shining a spotlight on our nation's digital divide. One in five people lack high-speed internet which includes an alarming 15 million to 16 million students and will reeve is in one community and trying to make it easier for them. Good morning again, will. Reporter: Good morning. I'm in South Bend, Indiana at Riley high school where the principal is going the extra mile to keep his students connected. It's an early school day in South Bend, Indiana. These buses outfitted with wi-fi en route to over 50 locations across the city. My wake-up and get the bus together so the kids can have wi-fi to do their schoolwork. Reporter: Providing connectivity for remote learning to over 16,000 students. My wi-fi at home isn't good in general and makes it easier to get my stuff done. Reporter: What started as a project before the pandemic because of Todd Cummings is a lifeline. What we thought we were doing was providing internet access to extend the day. Little did we know that with covid we would be providing internet access to our students and air families at home. So those buses are narrowing the gap of the digital Dwight. Reporter: For SHAWN Henderson, it's personal. The proud graduate is now in his fourth year as principal. My desire to be principal was to serve the students and our community. One student without internet in our district is too many. My mom and dad are both on the computer so it's sometimes rough with all of us on a computer. We're getting ready for Reporter: This mom spends her days in the car so her daughters can access e-learning. I don't have much room for them to get as comfortable as they can. Reporter: With winter approaching it's only a temporary solution. This is a band-aid. My dream and the district's dream is that every opportunity in the district that needs internet will have access. We believe it's a basic human right. This is for the students we serve and love and the students that we want to provide an opportunity of success. Reporter: I'm here with SHAWN Henderson, the principal of Riley high school. Thank you so much for welcoming us here in your community at your school. So commendable what you're doing with the school buses. We have a little gift for you. Go in there and grab that gift bag. Go right ahead and root around. T-Mobile has project 10 million. They're aiming to get students connected to the internet. Over 10 million households for free. That right there is a T-Mobile wi-fi hot spot that they are so generously giving 1400 of those to this school district here for five years for free. How does that sound? Not bad, right? That's awesome. So while the school bus is amazing we thought we might go the extra mile and T-Mobile would help do this. What does it mean. A lot for the community to narrow the gap for students to be able to just have the opportunity to have access, internet access at home is amazing. So we're blessed. Thank you. Reporter: We're so happy to be a part of this and now for the best phrase in the subgenre of surprise morning television, but, wait, there's more. We're going to bring in the superintendent, superintendent Cummings, X marks the spot for you right there. We and our friends at donors choose have a gift for you. $20,000. Wow. For the school district for the South Bend community school district to fund teacher project and everyone clearly excited but for you folks at home if you are able to get involved, what you can do is go online. Go to donors choose. For today only they're matching 50% of donations, so get online if you're able to but, guy, the good news doesn't stop here in South Bend, everyone clearly excited but there is more good news going back home in the I can't even hear myself think. You guy, take it away. You did a good job near getting South Bend connected. We can hear you talk. You go a fantastic job, by the way. So cool. We're so happy for everybody that is there in South Bend but as you know, as a school district we featured them in our coverage and in addition to the students in South Bend, the ones in Baltimore Maryland, allegheny valley and Jackson and Santa fe, they are also receiving free internet access. Over 15,000 households gaining internet access for five full years and the key word, for free. In you at home want to get involved and donate, you go to to find out how and we will be right

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"T-Mobile will provide service to some students of the South Bend Community Schools Corporation, which will also receive a $20,000 donation from Donors Choose to help fund teachers' requests.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73334047","title":"Students in Indiana surprised with free internet service","url":"/GMA/Living/video/students-indiana-surprised-free-internet-service-73334047"}