Taking a leap for love in 2020: Why you may need a dating ritual

Dating expert Bela Gandhi talks about what you can do to set a routine to help your love life.
5:02 | 02/25/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Taking a leap for love in 2020: Why you may need a dating ritual
Now to our new series "Take a leap" 2020 is a leap year and we thought it would be the perfect time into taking a chance and leap of faith. Taking a leap for love. This morning we will meet a woman who after the death of her fiance is ready to find love again. Elizabeth long knows love. Our relationship was honestly just beautiful. Reporter: And sadly she knows loss. In 2018 her fiance Michael Dolan suddenly died in a car accident breaking her heart into pieces. I miss everything. He was calming, loving, gentle. Thoughtful. I miss it all. Lizzie, when she lost Michael, was not able to function as you can imagine. Reporter: Turning to meditation and prayer to help mend her broken heart and then one morning Elizabeth had a wake-up call. I said, okay this, is it. 2020 is the year and so I decided that morning that I was going to be open to love in this area of my life and the truth is is Michael would want me to share life with someone. Reporter: Elizabeth taking a big leap of faith in search of love. To help Elizabeth get back into the dating game -- Are you ready to take this leap? I am. Reporter: Meet Bela Gandhi, founder of the smart dating academy. Remember, anything big that you're going to do in your life will make you uncomfortable and it's okay. Reporter: To get started. This is your map. Reporter: Setting her intentions with a positive I, Elizabeth, deserve great love and am capable of giving great love. I will take things slowly and date many people at the same time. Can you do that? Yes. Does everybody else know that you date multiple people at one time? Everybody is dating multiple people at the same time unless you have had the dtr, the determine the relationship conversation, you're not in a committed exclusive relationship. I want her to have options so that she can pick the person that's best for her. I am going to take this leap into 2020 to finding more love. That's what I'm going to do. Good for her. We're joined by Elizabeth and dating expert, Bela Gandhi. Welcome, ladies. First of all, so sorry for the loss of your fiance. Thank you, robin. But this is something you've been thinking about. Are you ready to take this leap? Is this the year for you to move forward? Well, I actually thought that I would leap into dating in a private sort of setting. A little discreet but here I am and honestly it's an honor to do it with "Good morning America." I'm so grateful I had Bela to hold my hand and my favorite part about this is that "Good morning America" is committed to creating connection and community so I can do this with your viewers and have people holding my hand. Exactly. And we are going to hold your hand and so many people watching your story who are going to take that walk with you and do it for themselves and so thank you, thank you. It's not easy to do that. It's not. All right, so we're going to have you participate because it's changed a little bit, the dating world. I didn't know about dtr. Just a little. Are you going to help bust some myths for us. Oh, yes, we are. A little dating game. Audience is going to play along. Okay. This is question number one. True or false, audience. True or false, you should prioritize dating and make it your job. True or false. Oh, okay. Honey, all right, calm down in the front there. So -- You're right, the answer is actually false. She's had two kids and two jobs already and we don't want dating to be her third job, right? So you want to fit dating into use busy life and put her into a couple of apps and spend 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes in the evening, that's it and once we get the ball rolling with the date, no more than two per week. Manageable. Okay. Okay, number two, true or false, the more time you spend on a date, the better it goes, the more time you spend, the better it goes? A little mixed here. A lot of false but there's some true. What it, Bela? The answer is false. Right. First date should be short and no more than one to two hours long. You're there to check the connection. See if there's some chemistry, if the dates going on four or five or six hours you might have that third drink and overshare. We don't want any of that to happen so, no, short and sweet. That's plenty. This has been short and sweet. Thank you, join the conversation by taking your own leap. I'll be talking with Elizabeth and Bela on my Facebook live right after the show and you can follow Elizabeth's dating adventure on our social accounts. Thank you again for that.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"Dating expert Bela Gandhi talks about what you can do to set a routine to help your love life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69195714","title":"Taking a leap for love in 2020: Why you may need a dating ritual","url":"/GMA/Living/video/taking-leap-love-2020-dating-ritual-69195714"}