Tinder swipes right for safety with new emergency feature

The popular dating app adds a panic button for users to signal for help while on a date.
2:33 | 01/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tinder swipes right for safety with new emergency feature
We turn to tinder, the dating app that says it has made 30 billion with a "B" matches to date. It is now swiping right for safety adding a panic button if users need help while on a date. Will reeve is here with the story. Hey, good morning. Good morning, Cecilia. So many people nowaday, they meet, they start relationships right here on dating apps. They are a part of life, an important part of life is staying safe and feeling secure while getting out there and living your best life. Tinder is partnering with another app to keep everyone safe. For many, dating apps have made finding love easier. But now tinder is trying to make it safer. The popular app responsible for up to 1 million dates per week introducing new safety features including a panic button to better protect users if a date turns dangerous. This is going to help people feel safer, especially women, women get very nervous about going on dates with people they've never met before so this takes it a step further. Reporter: Tinder's parent company, match group announcing Thursday its partnership with noonlight. A safety app that tracks users' location and sends it to emergency services when an alarm on the app is triggered. Users who have linked noonlight with their tinder profiles will be able to tell the app when they're going on a date. Then if a user feels unsafe, they can quickly tap here, like a panic button or keep their thumb on this icon if they're unsure. Once they let go, they have ten seconds to enter a P.I.N. Number before that silent alarm goes off. The app's gps guiding authorities right to the scene. The new safety measure a welcome addition for daters across the globe as dating apps have long faced criticism for failing to protect their users from harassment, sexual assault and abuse. Online dating and dating apps are the number one way that couples are meeting. If something does happen and goes south you have the ability to push that panic button and that panic button will send a warning and a message that you could be in danger. In addition to tinder match group will integrate noonlight into its other dating apps like okcupid and plenty of fish so you're safe no matter where you go. You mentioned having this other app downloaded in order for this to work. That's how this work. Yeah, so once you've synced noonlight with tinder you're good to go. They're adding a verification, a blue mark to stop catfishing. That's the take away. Boom. Drop the mic. Thanks, will. Over to you, ginger. A "Gma" moment from quincy,

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"The popular dating app adds a panic button for users to signal for help while on a date.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68501126","title":"Tinder swipes right for safety with new emergency feature","url":"/GMA/Living/video/tinder-swipes-safety-emergency-feature-68501126"}