Tips for preparing your home for a hurricane

Find out an easy way to protect your HVAC system during a storm.
1:29 | 09/05/20

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Transcript for Tips for preparing your home for a hurricane
Rob if we can hear you through your beard what's going on with. Well I can't tell you when the best time is to buy an HB AC unit as far as discounts go but I can tell you. At a protected it during a storm you know more in the heart of her -- he's now you've seen some of the destruction even on some little lighter damages homes I've seen. The HB AC units certainly outside. Can take a beating so our friends from Lenox have given us some helpful tips to help you prepare for not just the hurricane really but any sort of windstorm. And any coming through your area throughout the years so. The first step is to go inside actually and power everything down. Before the bad stuff can't see going to be without your stuff for a little bit but it's important turn off the breakers the heat pump. The indoor handler and a gas works. And men may come outside. And you don't want protect this outdoor equipment if you cannot you know cover it you're gonna want to. Clear out any branches that may be flying debris. If you do live in hurricanes on that you know susceptible to win new bolt it down maybe hurricane straps so that these these can dancers you know basically don't fly away and finally. Are you want to elevate your HTC unit to an elevated platform. If your area that are to set is susceptible. To flood excelled this unit is not susceptible filing but I have another when you know on the other side of my house. That is a little lower and actually now that I've gotten these tips I think I'm gonna go take on that truck take one more project of lifting it up. Anyway this the best way to to protector HTC unit during that storm season.

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{"duration":"1:29","description":"Find out an easy way to protect your HVAC system during a storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72840289","title":"Tips for preparing your home for a hurricane","url":"/GMA/Living/video/tips-preparing-home-hurricane-72840289"}