US cities paying people to relocate and work remotely

Cities across the U.S. are offering financial incentives to attract new residents.
3:05 | 06/01/21

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Transcript for US cities paying people to relocate and work remotely
We turn to the cities around the country offering people thousands of dollars and other incentives to move and work there. Rebecca Jarvis joins us with how this works and what you need to know. Hey, Becky. Reporter: Hey, great to see Yu, Cecilia. Yeah, this is a very interesting one for people who are open to changes. 12, 16, even $20,000 some cities and states are willing to pay you if you are willing to make a move. It could be interesting if you're open to change. Here's how it works. When the pandemic hit, entrepreneur coach brie sealy thought she would ride it out in her New York City apartment. After about four, five weeks of being stuck alone in my apartment I decided I needed to make some sort of shift. Reporter: She wasn't sure exactly what that would be but then a friend told her about Tulsa remote. A program that pays you $10,000 to move to the city with a remote job and live there for a At that point the pandemic wasn't going away any time soon and so I just soaped myself up to the opportunity of adventure. Reporter: So bri completed an application process, was accepted and within months packed her bags and moved to Tulsa. And it's not just Tulsa, Oklahoma. Many cities across the country are offering a variety of incentives to attract new resident. These workers are enormously valuable and bring themselves and their jobs and bringing tax revenue. They're going to buy a home. They're going to spend in the local economy and all that money trickles through the economy. Reporter: The online marketplace make my move allows to you browse offers and apply for free. Right now morgantown, west Virginia is offering an incentive totaling $20,000 including $12,000 in cash. Bloomfield, Iowa, is offering a $10,000 tax credit to move there and tee polka, Kansas, will give you $10,000 towards a new home or $5,000 toward rent plus $1,000 in free Jimmy John sandwiches. A monumental shift in ow communities think about economic development. Reporter: Before leaving new York City bri was sure she would end up moving back but after living in Tulsa, she is starting to rethink it. Life has taken me other directions instead. I definitely feel like a different person than the woman that left New York 12 months ago. Reporter: Again, that website is And one other consideration here, before you think about making one of these moves, it's to price things out. Make sure that if you are planning a short-term move the cost of moving doesn't outweigh the benefit of getting paid although, Cecilia, the free subway sandwiches do sound pretty good. A reason to move across the You beat me to it. That's exactly what I was going to say, hard to resist. Thanks so much. Michael. Thank you. Now to the rise, fall and

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"Cities across the U.S. are offering financial incentives to attract new residents. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78013440","title":"US cities paying people to relocate and work remotely","url":"/GMA/Living/video/us-cities-paying-people-relocate-work-remotely-78013440"}