Is it OK to ask your wedding guests to get tested for COVID-19?

Wedding experts share their advice for couples who have had to postpone their weddings due to the pandemic.
4:01 | 09/28/20

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Transcript for Is it OK to ask your wedding guests to get tested for COVID-19?
So my first peace and a nice for couples who are having to postpone your wedding EU's. It's easy to eat rats you relax. To not get yourself crazy. One of the biggest things and I always tell all of my couples is to insulating each man. We recommend that you plan goal to those demolitions they having some of Whitney through and it will always hoped once you've peaked at. NC ER town we Erie and visitors bureau and see exactly. Beings easily schedules. Curry is festivals concerts a lot of it. Scheduled for next year and beyond. And those types of things in me had not been an issue with your original letting me in May be coming EQ for your new anti. If you million local ordinance. Are able to rattle the ordinance that it needs an act can also be really helpful and what that was kind of the safety tips as well so happy it's over and what the minimum and maximum safety tips which will help you navigate your wedding day. Always recommends that you do you face masks and temperature checks and happy in the hand has been stationed during. Can make cancer and has grown accustomed to make them cute packaging being think that's and they still you know. This is the time that we're living in right now on these enemy but after. A lot of people who are postponing it weddings are happening TUP new wedding vendors for certain. Elements of their wedding my biggest pieces nice clean channel half. Wedding planner is to ask those. Offenders if he had any friends referrals. Free. If you're looking for a photographer and you know your original is this beautiful late Harry and looking for an Atlantic indeed seems dial. Asked them if they haven't read and shore. Yes someone who treats you see. Great care you and your original. We understand very intimately Beckett money that's being worked out great and you don't know it. That money will come to fruition because those those are welcome to the patient because we don't know what when he went one look like. We specifically Heller writes I let's ask these specific questions which we do on their behalf expect. You know what is their deposit policy is their cancellation policy hopeful. Is there before he. And I won't cut without it also had a lot of terrorist countries is smaller apartment because they also understand the uncertainty. Angry that they're also trying to work with our bride and groom and their families who think it is good because it could fit that we'll. A tree that you reading every single parent greets every. Either saying to you because once he sign that line. You're locked in good good good. Actually rate how Greenland is all. Of Scotland time keeps using sound. So all of eats them all of your contacts. Let's come up with. I can't keep that under the specifically. When it comes at saint only twenty people have been scrambling to cut people being that would have been a harder time. Tonight we are ready Pratt and mentally your captain thing OK you know it. Decently acted I want there and there are going to be there what did you nuclear what is your extended and weird effect I don't happen to you. In South Asian when he knew quite fit that you currently have long commute fifty people you know would spend it has been. One of the themes that. Don't feel differently about especially in this creep behind me asking you yesterday. The U Penn. Penny unlike your situation if you can I did you know teach some of the cost of the tax. You might hear wedding to be enjoyable and the vastly different you actually a bullet is to know that everyone is how.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"Wedding experts share their advice for couples who have had to postpone their weddings due to the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73186263","title":"Is it OK to ask your wedding guests to get tested for COVID-19?","url":"/GMA/Living/video/wedding-guests-tested-covid-19-73186263"}