14 more Americans test positive for coronavirus

The Americans were evacuated from a cruise ship quarantined at sea in Japan.
3:41 | 02/17/20

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Transcript for 14 more Americans test positive for coronavirus
We begin with the breaking news, those coronavirus evacuation flights landing he at U.S. Military bases this morning. We know at least 14 people who flew on those planes are battling coronavirus. All those passengers face an additional two-week quarantine amid growi fears about the virus spreading across the globe. So far there have been more than 71,000 cases and 1,700 deaths. Marcus Moore is at lackland air force base in Texas where one of those flights just landed. Good morni, Marcus. Reporter: Robin, good morning. It is the latest development in the response to this fast-moving outbreak. That jet landing here in San Antonio this morning, and those evacuated Americans will now stay in special isolation facilities here on base. 300 passengers from the "Diamond princess" cruise ship back on U.S. Soil this morning, arriving at military air force bases in both California and Texas overnight. Including 14 passengers who have tested positive for the coronavirus. Those passengers confined to a specialized, isolated containment area on the aircraft. Mark Jorgensen was on that his wife, Jerry, has the coronavirus and is still in Japan. This is what it looked like when passengers first boarded. Flight crew members in full hazmat suits giving a preflight safety announcement. Meanwhile passengers who stayed on the "Diamond princess" are now slated to face another two weeks of quarantine. American Matthew Smith says that's fine with him. We were confident in the quarantine that the Japanese officials have established, and are following through on. We were upset that the U.S. Plans involve breaking this quarantine. Reporter: At least 454 cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed on board. The largest outside mainland China. This as fears mount over a new coronavirus and another cruise ship in Cambodia. Over the weekend, an 83-year-old American passenger on the cruise ship "Westerdam" was diagnosed while other passengers disembark from the ship. Many passengers on the westerdam have traveled onto destinations worldwide. And for the Americans that have arrived here in the U.S., by the time they're done with their isolation, they will have been in quarantine for about a month. This as health officials try to prevent a global pandemic. Okay, Marcus. We'll bring in Dr. Jennifer Ashton. Let's start with the cruise ship in Cambodia. That one passenger getting off pesting positive for the coronavirus. You know, robin, I think it's important here not to get bogged down on number one when we're talking about millions and millions of people and cases and risk here. This might be the tip of the iceberg phenomenon. We really need to know how many people are exposed, how many people are infected and how many people are sick, and if the number sick in this case, one, remember, tip of the iceberg. So again, that's -- it's just -- this is just an evoling situation. And can you just put it in perspective here for us? People wake up to this headline every morning and there's In particular, we're seeing something play out here that doesn't make sense to a lot of people. Why we're bringing people with known infection into the U.S. That's a judgment call about risk versus benefit, risk of staying on that ship versus benefits of being here in the U.S. Where we know how to isolate and contact trace, and again, that is the key to controlling this outbreak. All right, Jen. Thanks so much.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"The Americans were evacuated from a cruise ship quarantined at sea in Japan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69027872","title":"14 more Americans test positive for coronavirus","url":"/GMA/News/video/14-americans-test-positive-coronavirus-69027872"}