32-year-old NBA rookie steals the show

Andre Ingram played on the Lakers' minor-league team for 10 years before making his NBA debut as the oldest American rookie in the last 50 years.
2:44 | 04/11/18

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Transcript for 32-year-old NBA rookie steals the show
We turn to that inspiring story on the basketball court. A 32-year-old player who refused to quital making his NBA debut, a dream, ten yearsthe Maki Andre Ingram stole the S with th Lakers last night and T.J. Hoes is here with more onis incredible game. Good morning,. Reporter: Hey there, stra. Most guys who want to go to the nondisclosure don't get to H R called on NBA draft night. They have to grind it out for a chance to stepn an N floor. Andre am has been grinding it foren years. He got cha last night. Look at what HD with it. You saw him right after he signed. On its way. Down I goes. Lcome to the NBA, Andre Ingram Reporter: Andre Ingram on re in his NBA debut at the age 32. Inam, on its way again. He's got two threes. Reporte for the past ten years am has been a thought his season comin a close whenches gave himhe big news last week with the O a surprise guest. Welcome. Appreciate that. Thank you. You know, just com on tomorrow and get ready. Orter: And,f course, he brought family along for jrney O his dreams to th spl center. Ihoughtwas calling to tee when he was coming home, but when he saidseing called up to the Lakers, I literally lost it and sed screamin called me back and was , okay, you have to ck, because you are coming outhere. Reporter: From a parte math tutor to the oldest American rookien the last 50 ars, Ingram is now teaching lessons in big leagues, scg 19 points including going fouror five from three-point E in the Lakers game against the H rockets. Who else could possibly get the game ball? Thst you don't see. Ths a lot of guyehind the scenes but he was making 26 grand in the league. He had have all these other jobs a took a year off to ise his daughters and wife could finish her ee.we see the guy,ice suit, ant millionaires on draft nibut that's what a lot of ys have to do. Bringsear to your eye. Inow you love basketball. It's not too late. I'm 40. Keep in mind, guys, he shoots 47% from the field --M three-point LI Steph curry shoots 42. Those weren't going in because of luck or fate. The guy can ball. Jt took him a little longer. I'll be this August, though. Never too late. Follow-through. I know W it. He knew it. E wants to go back out

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Andre Ingram played on the Lakers' minor-league team for 10 years before making his NBA debut as the oldest American rookie in the last 50 years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54386104","title":"32-year-old NBA rookie steals the show","url":"/GMA/News/video/32-year-nba-rookie-steals-show-54386104"}