65M Americans in path of bitter cold, snow

A jet skidded off the runway while attempting to land at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport as snow and ice cover streets and cause car accidents.
3:31 | 11/12/19

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Transcript for 65M Americans in path of bitter cold, snow
That deep freeze affecting 200 million Americans this record cold and snow from the plains to the northeast and rob Marciano starts us off in Syracuse, New York, with the latest. Good morning, rob. Hey, good morning, Michael. Yeah, we are frozen here. Syracuse, no stranger to snow, but this is not lake-effect snow. This is very fine early season November snowfall, very dense and feels like ice under foot. Made for really a dicey commute across much of upstate New York throughout the day today and if you are driving at all through the snow zone today, you are in for a what dangerous commute. Already we've seen hundreds of car accidents across the country from the midwest to the midsouth as this record-breaking january-like arctic air mass takes over the U.S. Overnight, mayhem across middle America. Watch this car spinning out of control in Missouri, tearing through a fence, sliding to a stop just before nearly falling offer the side of this cliff. The car's rear wheels dangling in the air and rescuers reaching through the front windshield hoping to pull the driver out. Freezing rain turning this Pennsylvania interstate into an ice Hink. Two tractor trailers spinning out of control, icy runways plaguing aircrafts, as well. When we first see the ground I did foonts feel the plane wasn't actually stopping. It kept on going. It was sliding on the ice. Reporter: This jet sliding off the runway attempting to land at Chicago o'hare. No, no, no, no. Reporter: The plane finally stopping safely. We'll have an ambulance. Reporter: Firefighters on hand to help passengers deplane. Fortunately no one hurt. From the midwest to the northeast, millions getting ready for more snow and plunging temperatures. Oh, it's pretty rough. I have all-wheel drive and I slid. I almost hit a tree. Reporter: Roads are bad and the airplane, yeah, already 400 or more canceled or delayed flights today. You'll want to check with your carrier. Here in downtown Syracuse. A pretty good job because we started well above freezing and able to get the ice melted quickly but now temperatures are dropping quickly. So even if you're out of the snow zone you are going to feel this for sure here temperatures in the teens by this time tomorrow will be below zero in central New York where it seems like at least this year, November is the new January. Robin. Does seem that way, rob. Thank you. You take care there. Ginger has look at how old it will get. Good morning, ginger. Robin, Springfield, Missouri, was 75 Sunday and this morning, they've just dropped to 10. 65-degree drop in less than two that polar air is on. Feels like 10 in Dallas, 8 below in Chicago and know if you're in the green mild air, it's changing. The cold front moving through. New Jersey and Pennsylvania, when it happen, stream lines show you mild air, close to 60 degrees say in Atlantic City this morning but that front is about to come through late morning, early afternoon and that is going to bring you the that pink represents the teens for windchill. Anything less than 15 really across the entire state nearly of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh will feel like 11 by tomorrow morning. Philadelphia, 15, Atlantic City will feel like 13. It doesn't stop in the mid-atlantic. It goes all the way south to Florida and will subfreezing in Tiffany. Atlanta will feel like 21. That is cold. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"A jet skidded off the runway while attempting to land at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport as snow and ice cover streets and cause car accidents.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66933895","title":"65M Americans in path of bitter cold, snow","url":"/GMA/News/video/65m-americans-path-bitter-cold-snow-66933895"}