Airline carriers ground aircraft after deadly crash

A growing list of airlines around the world are grounding their fleets of Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft in the wake of the Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed all 157 people on board.
5:38 | 03/11/19

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Transcript for Airline carriers ground aircraft after deadly crash
That plane crash that killed 157 people in Ethiopia. It happened minutes after just moments ago, investigators found both of the crucial black Those 157 people on board were from 35 different countries. 8 of them from America. The plane crashed and killed even on board. It was the same brand-new plane that crashed in Indonesia in October. And airlines around the world are grounding that Boeing jet, 100 in China alope. Our senior transportation reporter David Kerley joins us. Reporter: Good morning, George. Finding those black boxes is a big break through. Some countries are not waiting to find out what is on those black boxes. With two of these planes crashing, they're deciding to ground their aircraft for now. This morning, the deadly mystery in Ethiopia. A scene littered with airline napkins and safety cards. This second crash of a new 737 leading to a grounding of jet looiper around the world. China ordering the country's fleet of nearly 100 max 8 jets not fly until more is known about why the 157 people died, including 8 Americans. The ethiopian airlines CEO visiting the site. His airline grounding it other four max 8s. We're very very saddened. Reporter: The flight was trouble from takeoff. The pilots apparently struggling with control issues. Calling the tower. Saying they were having difficulties and wanted to return to the airport. What would cause that is this maybe a fire in maybe a problem with the airplane internally? Reporter: Just six seconds after takeoff, the data stops. Immediately, wondering if there is an issue with this new aircraft. The first crash, a lion air max 8 going down in Indonesia when the pilots failed to disengage the autopilot when bad data resulted in a nose down dif. We don't know what we have here for sure. It doesn't appear to be something directly related to pilot action. Reporter: Among those on board, Cedric asiavugwa. And humanitarian and aid workers. Three U.S. Airlines fly this plane. Only 350 of them have been ordered. 4600 are on back order. 350 have been delivered. Boeing assisting in the investigation, which, as you can tell, is now moving quite rapidly. Yeah, there are a lot of questions. Let bring in ABC news contributor former marine fighter pilot and aviation expert colonel Steve ganyard. Colonel, good morning to you. Just six minutes after takeoff, the data stops. What does that tell you about what might have happened here? There are good reasons whu it may have stopped. What we know up to the four-minute mark, this airline was out of control after it left the ground. It's climbing, descending, never getting high off the ground. The crew is clearly distracted. The air speed keeps increasing. We lose date the about the four-minute mark. We see the video this morning. You see the very deep scar. That impact angle that suggests that the airplane hit at a very steep angle and a high rate of speed. The similarities between what we're seeing on the screen and between the lion airlines crash back in October are pretty remarkable. Is this just Quinn den? Or should this be new safety concerns for this new plane? The lion air crash started when there was a brob the autopilot. It should have been handled by the pilots. It was not. The question, were there similar circumstances that led to a tragic ending? This is a question the flying public has a right to ask. Are there similaritieses? Are there problems with this airplane? I don't think there is. But we'll get the black boxes read. We're seeing a number of international carriers grounding this specific plane. So far, American carriers are continuing to express confidence. Should these planes be grounded? CHLT there is no evidence right now to dproupd these airplane. Again, getting to the black boks. Finding out if there is something about a problem with this airplane. I think in talking to friend who is are pilots at both American and united, U.S. Carriers are not seeing any problem. Any anomalies with this airplane. I think ultimately, the plane will be cleared. We need to find out what caused this mishap and make sure it never happens again. All right, Steve ganyard, thank you.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"A growing list of airlines around the world are grounding their fleets of Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft in the wake of the Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed all 157 people on board.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61601949","title":"Airline carriers ground aircraft after deadly crash","url":"/GMA/News/video/airline-carriers-ground-aircraft-deadly-crash-61601949"}