Americans flock to beaches and parks as states slowly reopen for Memorial Day

Health officials are concerned that reopening may cause a spike in coronavirus infections.
4:04 | 05/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Americans flock to beaches and parks as states slowly reopen for Memorial Day
And back in the U.S., beaches are always a major focus of the memorial day weekend. Things are different this year, of course, we have team coverage this morning. Let's get right to ABC's Trevor Ault at New York's rockaway beach. Good morning to you, Trevor. Reporter: Good morning, memorial day weekend gatherings come as no surprises. State officials knew that millions of people would be heading outside. They just hoped they'd do it safely. Already, big crowds are causing some concern. This morning, Americans in droves are heading outside. Flocking to beaches. Not one person -- not one person is wearing a mask. Reporter: And national parks this memorial day weekend, in some cases concerning those in charge of social distancing. As much as folks love Zion, this may not be the best time to come. Reporter: A Texas waterpark with a line of 1300 people waiting to get in Saturday, the owners heavily limiting capacity but some patrons weren't worried about it. If you stay six feet apart, so be it. If we bump each other, we bump each other. Reporter: In Florida, little league is back. A tournament under way this weekend. And summer camps are back in business, too. Our information packet that's going to go out like the week before camp, it will update parents and campers on the safety protocols we're initiating. Reporter: But in north Carolina, as more businesses reopen -- We're just happy to be able to see some friendly faces again. Reporter: Overnight, the state reporting its largest spike in cases to date. While in Arkansas, the governor says the state is seeing cases climb again. He's been told of some illnesses tied to a high school swim party. We have one peak and then we had a deep dip, and we're having a second peak right now. Reporter: In Missouri, health officials say a single hairdresser may have exposed more than 90 customers and co-workers after going to work with covid symptoms for eight days. And a growing concern from a number of states, visitors coming in from other parts of the country. We're from Minnesota, so it's been really encouraging to see people -- people on the beaches breaking quarantine rules. It's awesome. Reporter: In hopes of slowing down the spread of the virus heading into memorial day, the governor of New Hampshire telling people from neighboring Massachusetts and elsewhere to stay out of his state. That's where they are and that's where they should stay. Reporter: New York Andrew Cuomo acknowledging a second wave of the virus would arrive from other places. I don't believe a state can control, close its borders to other states. Reporter: And while this weekend millions of people are heading out, many retailers say they're not seeing their usual traffic, which is typically a busy shopping weekend. We went into the reopening knowing that we wouldn't make money. It's our best effort to stay in business. Reporter: And as restaurants struggle in customers with limited capacities, ft. Lauderdale is trying to create space for them. Shutting down certain streets each night and letting restaurants take over. Hopefully that will bring people out. And cause these restaurants start to come back to life. Reporter: But one surprise business appears to be thriving -- the drive-in theater is seeing a resurgence, vehicles spaced ten feet apart, families getting to safely enjoy a movie night. Oh, my god, I'm so in support of this. I love social distancing. We've just been stuck in the house and then we get this opportunity to actually get out. Reporter: Now, good weather today on both coasts could bring out even more crowds. Rockaway beach here in New York City is still closed. And the rest of New York City's expected to remain shutdown unl at least early June. Some good news is, regions close to here, the mid-hudson region and Long Island could actually start the process of reopening as early as Tuesday and Wednesday. Trevor, thank you very much.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Health officials are concerned that reopening may cause a spike in coronavirus infections.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70856334","title":"Americans flock to beaches and parks as states slowly reopen for Memorial Day","url":"/GMA/News/video/americans-flock-beaches-parks-states-slowly-reopen-memorial-70856334"}