Amtrak train stranded with 183 people aboard

The Coast Starlight Train 11, traveling from Seattle to Los Angeles, came to a standstill near a tiny town in Oregon after hitting a tree that fell on the track.
2:21 | 02/26/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amtrak train stranded with 183 people aboard
First the race to rescue those 183 people trapped on an amtrak train stranded in Oregon since Sunday trapped by snow and falling trees and will Carr will start us off with the latest. Good morning, will. Reporter: Good morning, Michael. So much snow has pounded that area that the train is cut off for help and all those passengers are running out of food. Overnight anxiety and frustration boiling over for 183 passengers stranded on a train in Oregon. How are we doing on food, man? Nothing. Reporter: Surrounded by whiteout condition, some have been on board for more than 50 hours after the train hit a tree that fell on the tracks. The chock ticking. Food is running out. I was up tonight. That was the last meal that was available. Reporter: They're having to ration supplies. Situation so dire, passengers have been forced to create makeshift diapers for mothers with young children. There's been intercoms asking about diapers, if anybody has extra diapers and formula and but we don't have those supplies on the train so we're making Reporter: The train was traveling from Seattle to los Angeles. It came to a screeching halt in oakridge, Oregon, a rural area covered by feet of snow and fallen trees. Nobody could really get to us due to weather. Reporter: Ago track telling NBC news we are actively working with union pacific to clear the right of way and get passengers off the train. They say they were kept on the tape because power was out in the city adding with only two small hotels in town they don't want to separate passengers. They have m&ms, beer and water. That's down from what they had before which was sandwiches, hot dogs, liquor, soda. Reporter: Most stuck on board are sleeping or telling loved ones they're okay but with the rescue passing the 30-hour mark and resources running low, passengers are desperate to be rescued soon. One mother tells us her biggest frustration is not knowing when her family will get help. They can't get off the train to get fresh air because there's so much snow around the train. They do have power and amtrak hopes to get everybody off that train in the coming hours, robin. Hopefully that will happen. Overseas to Vietnam where

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"The Coast Starlight Train 11, traveling from Seattle to Los Angeles, came to a standstill near a tiny town in Oregon after hitting a tree that fell on the track.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61320814","title":"Amtrak train stranded with 183 people aboard","url":"/GMA/News/video/amtrak-train-stranded-183-people-aboard-61320814"}