Bombshell testimony in the trial of Patrick Frazee

An inmate who spent time with Frazee in jail claimed the Colorado man, accused of killing his fiancée, created a hit list.
2:02 | 11/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bombshell testimony in the trial of Patrick Frazee
the bombshell testimony in the Patrick Frazee trial. He's the man accused of murdering his fiancee. A witness taking the stand and bringing up a new alleged murder plot. ABC's Clayton Sandell has more on the developments in the courtroom. Reporter: Hey, good morning, Dan. This morning the prosecution and the defense have both rested their cases but not before prosecutors brought out a bombshell witness at the 11th hour, a man who says Patrick Frazee wanted to have all of the witnesses in the case against him to vanish. The case of the people versus Patrick Frazee ended with a shocker, a surprise witness, an inmate who spent time with Patrick Frazee in county jail who claims Frazee created a hit list. On it the names of witnesses set to testify against him. That inmate who has ties to a prison gang testified that just weeks before Frazee went on trial for murdering his fiancee Kelsey Berreth, Frazee allegedly said he wanted to hire that gang to kill his former mistress Krystal Lee and a dozen other witnesses. On handwritten notes Frazee allegedly said they all need to disappear and I'd really like to see Krystal with a bullet in her head. Patrick Frazee had committed a homicide. Reporter: Lee admitted she helped Frazee clean up the bloody crime scene at Berreth's condo and get rid of Berreth's cell phone. She cut a deal with prosecutors in exchange for turning against Frazee testifying that he admitted killing Berreth last Thanksgiving with a baseball bat. You see him? He's in cuffs. Reporter: A prosecution expert testified Friday that the amount of blood at the crime scene suggests Frazee likely hit Berreth 10 to 15 times. Mr. Frazee, what do you think of the charges against you? Reporter: Frazee allegedly wanted his handwritten notes with the names flushed but he gave them to investigators hoping for a lighter sentence on his own charges. Frazee pleaded not guilty and decided not to take the stand in his own defense. Closing arguments are Monday then the jury will begin deciding his fate. Dan. All right. Clayton Sandell reporting, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"An inmate who spent time with Frazee in jail claimed the Colorado man, accused of killing his fiancée, created a hit list.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67064759","title":"Bombshell testimony in the trial of Patrick Frazee","url":"/GMA/News/video/bombshell-testimony-trial-patrick-frazee-67064759"}