College football game day underway between Army and Navy

One of the biggest football rivalries is set to take place Saturday.
3:42 | 12/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for College football game day underway between Army and Navy
Army and Navy face off today in one of the oldest rivalries in college football. So let's go back to rob in philly with more on the big game. Rob, good morning once again. Good morning, whit. I love this game. Army/navy, midshipmen against the black knights and it's come down to this. They played air force earlier in the season but this is the one and only game today so lots going on today. That, the Heisman so we have to talk to Maria Taylor who joins us. How are you doing? It's been too long. Great to see you. Behind us this 1500 horsepower and considered to be the luxury of tanks so this is why I put you in front of it. Two years ago we had Charles Barkley pop out of one of these bad boys. I don't know how he fit down there but he was our guest picker and a surprise he came out of a tank. Intimidating sight. Great to see you. Army/navy today. Navy, I mean they're ranked this year going to the liberty bowl. What do you expect to see? Well, it's interesting because army has won the last three games and they're trying to be a group of seniors that have never lost to Navy and would be the first time it happened since 1996 but would have to overcome a lot. It's the 120th meeting. We love this game because of the pageantry and every single graduate, every single student athlete has already decided they'll serve our country once they're finished and that's what makes this game so important. It's the national championship for army and Navy. There's something about this game. Even though Navy is the heavy favorite, I feel like the records just go out the window today. Absolutely. It's one of those rivalry games where it doesn't matter at all. We could see a 6-5 game or something ridiculous like that. We've seen it before and that's what happens when you have a rivalry game like that. We have Joe burrow, Jalen hurts, Justin fields, chase young, burrow the overwhelming favorite but it would be fun to see one of the others go too. Joe burrow has done so many incredible things all season long. Completed about 80% of his passes this season. That's literally unheard of. He shattered the record books being able to do that. Everyone has always said if lsu ever got a good quarterback they would be in a national championship contending situation, and that's exactly what happened. They won 13 straight games, undefeated and Joe burrow looks like the Heisman trophy winner this season. Looks like an NFL quarterback. He's going to go high in the draft if not number one. All right. The brackets are out. You made your selection. Let's pop it up and show you what the playoffs are looking like. Top four teams, no surprise here. We've got lsu, Ohio state, Clemson and Oklahoma. Now, Clemson, undefeated. Dabo swinney won it a couple of times. He's none too happy about how things have shaken out. He was there in the locker room. Let's listen up. It's the first time since 1966 that the team started the season number one, went undefeated through the regular season and finished third. Okay. So that's history. First time that's happened. You were there. Does he have a right to be upset? Dabo swinney is the king of motivation. He's right. They remember number one to start the season. All they did was win, win, win and all of a sudden they're number three and have to face Ohio state, the second best team in the nation. And he used it as motivation and wants his team to feel respect and said you can go out and prove it now. You can prove you're the number one team. That's what's cool about the playoff. Master of motivation, no doubt about it. The playoffs are happening on Uh-huh. All on ESPN. I'll be at the fiesta bowl, it will be great. Come to Phoenix with me. We got times square and the ball drop. Did you hear that, bosses? Maria needs us there. We'll ride there in this luxury tank together. Yes. Guys, back up to you. I think rob should get to go to Phoenix. Yes, absolutely. He's been traveling all over the place and freezing. I love the idea we would have any control over that. Sure. We got you.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"One of the biggest football rivalries is set to take place Saturday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67732911","title":"College football game day underway between Army and Navy","url":"/GMA/News/video/college-football-game-day-underway-army-navy-67732911"}