Community rallies behind Thai soccer coach after rescue

Coach Ekapol Canthawong, known as Coach Ake, sacrificed his rations of food and water to keep 12 members of his soccer team alive, according to his aunt.
3:09 | 07/11/18

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Transcript for Community rallies behind Thai soccer coach after rescue
We have more now on that miracle rescue I thailan and Thach who led the boys into the cav system.wening new details about how he helped keep them Ali and theessagehe boys' families sent. James Longman is ae hospital where the team isecovering right now. Good morning, ja Reporter: Good morning, robin. 'S right. They're a hospital behind me, an entire floor dedicated to their careut still see the parents have to wait another agonizing few days toe able to touch their little B because they're S -- still S afraid of agion and have remain at least two meters away from them. E Ng the boy are happy, they're Hun andhen the Thai prime minister camo visit we heard they were making of him so that's lovely to the Coache is also beg treated inside the hospital andearning aot more about him this morning after days Ted in this unforgiving labyrinthch ekkapochantawong finally emerging. The last of the lucky behind me is the police waiting for the last ambulance. Reporter: Ordeal leaving the 25-yead seen here watching over his team gaunt, dehydrated and the weakest of the group. Health officials saying he wa shivering and showing signs of hypothermia after he made the dangers swim out.according his aunt, E iced his rations of food and water top the boys alive. How many of they're all alive. 13. Reporter: Short after they were discovered rumors ake could face cril chargesor his recklessness those W quickly dispelled. Most people believe he's a good and taking care of E 1 children inside the . Rortearents say he was swung T trusted. Some even hailing him a hero. Ake penned this letter from inside the cave writing I promise ll care for T kids as best as Ible. I want to say thanks forllhe support and I want to apologize the parents. Those parents responding with a letter O their own writing, do notlame yourself. Thank for Tak care of the little ones. Aned at 10 he is a former buddht monk a taught the boys meditate before games to conserv energy something they put inc being rescued and know ake had be in the cake before aversing the miles Lon dark narrow caverno helpith team building and serve as a rite of passage. This B telling ABC news ake brought him there four times in past year. Was it scary? No. Reportehis morning Akes healing hang rai hospital alongside the team he S dutifully prtet experts say HISD could take much longer to rec than his body. He woultruggle with depressifter this. The sense of responsity and guilt with putting theses who were hisdents, putting them in such a high-risk and very vulnerable situation. Reporter: Obvioushe boys are soccer azy. Health officials tell us they will be ae to watch the final on Sunday. Robi Thanks so much. The way the coach was able to keep T calmeard about the meditating T, wow. He did an amazingb. He really did. He really did. Cominp here my interview with T russiop star who

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"Coach Ekapol Canthawong, known as Coach Ake, sacrificed his rations of food and water to keep 12 members of his soccer team alive, according to his aunt.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56505320","title":"Community rallies behind Thai soccer coach after rescue","url":"/GMA/News/video/community-rallies-thai-soccer-coach-rescue-56505320"}