COVID-19 cases continue to soar as states rollback reopening

Louisiana sets new COVID-19 guidelines requiring everyone to wear facemasks in public.
4:23 | 07/12/20

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Transcript for COVID-19 cases continue to soar as states rollback reopening
As we start this new week, the number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. Tops 3.2 million, with more than 134,000 deaths, as healthcare workers in several states make dire warnings about what's ahead. We saw our first image of president trump wearing a mask, something he's refused to do publicly since the start of this pandemic. Over the past seven days, 17 states have set records for new cases. You can see them right there on the map. In Michigan, a party last weekend, some of the attendees are now starting to test positive for the virus. And in Maryland, where new cases aren't actually surging, Montgomery county schools are planning to start the school year entirely online. Meanwhile in Louisiana, starting tomorrow, bars will close and masks will be required for almost everyone. As doctors there say the hospitals are full. Let's go the Trevor Ault outside mt. Sinai hospital in New York City. Trevor, good morning. Reporter: You know, for weeks people have waved off America's rising covid-19 caseload as simply as the result of more testing. Partly true, this week testing leveled off, still cases rose to record levels anyway, and in states that have been rising cases and hospitalizations over the past month, it appears death is now following and rising sharply. This morning, a wave of upsetting new coronavirus records being set across the country. 17 states with record-high cases, 15 with record-high hospitalizations and 7 with record-high deaths. This week, the nationwide death toll rising for the first time in months. It feels as though that we're headed for a disaster. Reporter: In Arizona, among record-high hospitalizations, the mayor of Phoenix says morgues are nearly full and refrigerated trucks have been ordered in preparation for more deaths. As doctors report that 90% of covid samples in the state contain a mutation researchers believe makes the virus more infectious. A growing body of evidence to suggest that mutation infects human cells much easier and replicate. So it's going to be a long struggle to get out in front of this. Reporter: Louisiana once a hot spot back in March and April, now battling a resurgence, as health officials say hospitals are full. Governor closing bars and requiring masks. We have no reason to believe the numbers we have been reporting over the last few days are going to get any better over the next couple of weeks. Reporter: In Florida and across the country, summer temperatures are drawing more people outside. But as crowds of young people gathered, the Orange county healthcare agency reports in June, the age group with the largest average of new cases was 25 to 34 year Olds and cases 18 to 24 years old increased 400%. There's still great value in young healthy people doubling down in order to protect people. Reporter: In Texas, with cases and hospitalizations both topping 10,000 Saturday, the army is now sending a medical task force to Houston. Let's ride! Reporter: Still a rodeo west of ft. Worth has been packed since Tuesday, most people skipping out on masks. At this waterpark near Houston throwing a crowded party just hours the state's governor warned that the spike might only get worse. This morning, analysis shows the drug remdesivir increased the chance of survival in severe cases by 62%, though doctors have a limited supply. Patients really come to a hospital for two reasons -- they want to live longer and they want to live better. We've shown both, even the supply of remdesivir is ramping up, we need to give it time. Reporter: And Saturday was the first time we saw two separate states report more than 10,000 new covid-19 cases, that was Florida and Texas, but it's important to stress that this nearly a nationwide phenomena. Outside of the northeast, cases are on the rise in every American region. Let's go to the front lines

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Louisiana sets new COVID-19 guidelines requiring everyone to wear facemasks in public. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71739590","title":"COVID-19 cases continue to soar as states rollback reopening ","url":"/GMA/News/video/covid-19-cases-continue-soar-states-rollback-reopening-71739590"}