Deadly weather sweeps the country

ABC News chief meteorologist Ginger Zee shares the forecast as millions of people prepare to travel for the Fourth of July holiday.
1:34 | 06/29/18

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Transcript for Deadly weather sweeps the country
Millions are bracing for a weekend of record travel for the fourth of July the TSA says today will be the busiest data flight all year. This of course is those severe storms move in at least seven reported tornadoes from Montana to Florida. Ginger is tracking it out patient services Healy it's been a violent 24 hours we just got a report in 96 mile per hour winds in North Dakota this morning you have to see what's been happening. It's more than eighty mile per hour winds chalking this trampoline in Iowa. A severe thunderstorms and this one flying in Alabama. Watch as this tornado in Montana morphs from a wide wedge torturing the landscape to a rope tornado usually signaling the end of its life. Wow but there were others an ominous twister swirling behind this home in capital Montana. Winds up to 65 miles per hour in Alabama snapping power lines a tree trunk puncturing the grill of this SUV. And where there are storms there is inevitably the lightning did strike startling a Florida police officer lady starting this house fire in northern Georgia. Panics to delays is this really sure this is our hi Alice. It was real they lost everything and now this is very real dangerous heat at college dangerous because it's going to be more than one day from Kansas all the way to Grand Rapids, Michigan to Indiana we have heat advisory is excessive heat warnings. Can you say well why it's summer. This is summer but talking ninety's and feels lakes above 100 for days on end a 105 for this afternoon and Friday that feels like look a 108 tomorrow. 97 Washington DC at this keeps sliding east yup so we're gonna have it all the way through the fourth of July.

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{"id":56256719,"title":"Deadly weather sweeps the country","duration":"1:34","description":"ABC News chief meteorologist Ginger Zee shares the forecast as millions of people prepare to travel for the Fourth of July holiday.","url":"/GMA/News/video/deadly-weather-sweeps-country-56256719","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}