Deadly winter storm affects more than 200M Americans

Cold temperatures broke a 108-year record in Indianapolis and treacherous driving conditions amid a white-out led to a massive pile-up in Cleveland, Ohio.
2:55 | 11/13/19

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Transcript for Deadly winter storm affects more than 200M Americans
Now to the deadly winter storm affecting more than 200 million Americans. Many are waking up to record cold and dangerous conditions on the road. Gio Benitez is in Boston where they're feeling that deep freeze for sure. Good morning, gio. Reporter: Hey, robin. Good morning. Yeah, got to be honest it's a little difficult to talk because it feels like January where we're standing here. The windchill, that brutal windchill, 6 degrees here in Boston. And these low temperatures are just wreaking havoc across the country. Overnight a deadly winter blast bringing bone-chilling temperatures. In Chicago people bundling up. Got to keep my face warm. Reporter: Whiteout treacherous conditions in Ohio leading to this massive pileup. More than 50 cars and tractor trailers colliding into one another. Two people critically injured there. And in Michigan. This is too much for November. Reporter: Detroit getting more than 9 inches of snow making it the biggest November snowstorm on record. Parts of northern Michigan getting 30 inches of lake-effect snow and in parts of Texas, temperatures dropping 50 degrees in 24 hours. Sprinklers creating these ice sculpture images. A record daily snowfall broken in Buffalo, New York, after they got 11 inches in Worcester, Massachusetts, this massive fire breaking out. Firefighters battling this four-alarm blaze in temperatures with a windchill below zero. This fire on the second floor, people still inside. And a baby on the third floor. Reporter: The firefighters struggling to turn on their hose because of those freezing temperatures. In Indianapolis, temperatures plummeting to just 8 degrees. The coldest temperature on record this early in the season. Parents bundling up their kid as they send them off to school. So I want to go ahead and show you how cold it is. I'll spray water on this car. Those windchill, that's the biggest issue. 6 degrees in Boston but in other areas we're seeing it below zero. This is what firefighters have to battle. It just freezes pretty One of the worst chores there cleaning off the windshield. Thanks for that. We turn to ginger and, ginger, unfortunately, we're seeing record cold temperatures. Even down south. Michael, as far south as Pensacola, Florida, this it is 29 degrees. They have broken a daily record and then at the earliest freeze there in 26 years. Look at the numbers here. Apalachicola broke a record. Indianapolis, Detroit, Buffalo, New York City, we've all broken records. Lots of daily records broken but wanted to focus on how far south it's getting and brought out Georgia and Alabama. Those winds allowing for polar air to make it to the gulf of Mexico. That's why the states are covered in freeze warnings and why Columbus, Georgia to mobile have broken records this morning and now this is just actual air temperatures. You add just a little bit of wind and you can feel anywhere from 5 to 20 degrees below what your actual temperature is. Robin.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Cold temperatures broke a 108-year record in Indianapolis and treacherous driving conditions amid a white-out led to a massive pile-up in Cleveland, Ohio.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66967685","title":"Deadly winter storm affects more than 200M Americans","url":"/GMA/News/video/deadly-winter-storm-affects-200m-americans-66967685"}