New details on final moments of deadly Ethiopian Airlines flight

The New York Times reports that controllers saw the Boeing 737 Max 8 tilting up and down and "moving unusually fast."
2:34 | 03/15/19

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Transcript for New details on final moments of deadly Ethiopian Airlines flight
Now to disturbing new details about the deadly plane crash, a new report detailing how that Boeing 737 max jet was doomed almost immediately after takeoff. Our senior transportation correspondent David Kerley has much more from Reagan national airport, good morning, David. Reporter: Good morning, Amy. These new details, the readout of what we're actually hearing in radio traffic is very dramatic but what was actually said this the cockpit voice recorder is trying to be extracted at this hour. Chilling new details of the final moments of that doomed ethiopian plane right after takeoff the captain reporting problems. Overnight "The New York Times" reporting that controllers saw the Boeing 737 max 8 tilling up and down moving unusually fast and then minutes later panic. A person familiar with the air traffic communication says as the jet accelerated beyond its safety limits the captain then asked to 9 return to the airport in a panicky voice, the plane disappearing from radar three minutes later killing all on investigators on the scene are now looking at what is called a jackscrew. A threaded rod in the tail section of the plane which controls whether the nose tilts up or down. This after new data led the FAA to have a temporarily grounding of those in the U.S. Leaving hundreds of flights canceled. The concern is the Ethiopia crash is related to the lion air crash less than five months ago. Answers may come from the black boxes that are being worked on at this hour in France. So, the mystery could be solved in a matter of days or hours? I would think, yes, once they start reading out the recorders they'll know fairly quickly exactly what this is. Is this a repeat of lion air or something different? Reporter: With the current fleet of 370 jets grounded Boeing is stopping delivery of all maxes but will continue building its fastest selling jetliner with nearly 5,000 on order. Also this morning, new details about the aftermath of that first crash, 1737 pilot coming forward citing a tense meeting between Boeing executives and others claiming they were left in the dark about a new automated safety feature in the jet. After the lion air tragedy we learned there was equipment on our aircraft we were not aware of. It wasn't even in our books. Reporter: We know they're working on the boxes. Whether they get the data and when we hear what's on it we don't know but it could help us determine whether what happened to the aircraft and that cause could still be a while. Destroying homes, rob is

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"The New York Times reports that controllers saw the Boeing 737 Max 8 tilting up and down and \"moving unusually fast.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61705666","title":"New details on final moments of deadly Ethiopian Airlines flight","url":"/GMA/News/video/details-final-moments-deadly-ethiopian-airlines-flight-61705666"}