Evacuations underway in Hawaii as massive volcano threatens island

5 homes have been destroyed and 1,800 people evacuated on Hawaii's Big Island.
3:17 | 05/06/18

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Transcript for Evacuations underway in Hawaii as massive volcano threatens island
Pretty get right to our top story on the Sunday the unfolding disaster on Hawaii's big island that could get even worse. Officials announced overnight that they are bracing for volcanic eruptions which means this could last for weeks. Allen and his new aerial footage of lava flowing into electrical lines which then explode this lot of has left that. Path of destruction as it flows into streets and people's homes. And we do have some new video just coming and a view of a new Fisher a crack in the earth. From which lot of is spewing forth from one of many new fissures that opened up. So here's what we know this morning there have been 95 earthquakes in the last 24 hours cause were told by the underground shifting of the magma. Five homes have been destroyed 18100. People evacuated would at least ten Fisher's. Open at this moment making all this worst of these fishers are also spewing toxic gas into the air in ABC's Martha Gonzales is right there on the big island of Hawaii with the latest Marcy good morning to you. Guys good morning on top of that some smaller cracks open and a street that officials are keeping a very close eye on this morning. The reps didn't stop for a few hours but threatens your about to see they picked right back up again. This morning sparked buying at least floating into the air with two new public then what do you overnight. The subdivision is right in the middle of the most active Easter zone of in evoking on this on this planet. So it's hard to say when this mice. Ten Fisher is now open all running along a line here in these two neighborhoods on Hawaii's big island. The bounds of molten lava flowing from then convert Jake. My own towards homes destroyed at least five buildings so far. It's back now Ira loss recorded as one of the first cracks opened in the ground of his home. Do Greene walked feeding into the air it was just like. You know I just erupting like a jet engine and then it was selling bombs like you could feel like underneath the earth like some new punching. It was just like. Prove he and not one when Neil among the 18100 people forced to move back to be leaving behind a lot of memories. Moving up some moving away. Where you grew up. And starting all over again now learning many of them will be allowed to return home possibly as soon as today. Able to collect some belongings but told they'll have to immediately leave again. With officials anticipating more eruptions and more earthquakes the number's gone down the frequencies gone down. But they're still there this is by no means we'll. But their main concern is about that lingering danger from sulfur dioxide seeping from these visits the toxic fumes still hanging in the air this morning creating what officials call an immediate threat. To life. And the levels are still so high in some areas that about half of the evacuees still are not going to be allowed back in. You can see we're volunteers have set up a center here with. Blink it's water food the essentials for what could still be a long wait ahead for things to quiet down. Here they're gonna does essentials as we. Heading into this disaster and no end in sight thank you Marcy really appreciate it.

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{"id":54969375,"title":"Evacuations underway in Hawaii as massive volcano threatens island","duration":"3:17","description":"5 homes have been destroyed and 1,800 people evacuated on Hawaii's Big Island.","url":"/GMA/News/video/evacuations-underway-hawaii-massive-volcano-threatens-island-54969375","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}