Excessive heat warnings in effect around US

The New York City triathlon set for Sunday was canceled due to the extreme heat, and multiple states have excessive heat watches in effect through the weekend.
5:02 | 07/19/19

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Transcript for Excessive heat warnings in effect around US
First we need to get to that dangerous life-threatening heat nearly 200 million Americans now facing alerts. Take a look at how hot it's going to feel and that heat is sticking around all weekend ginger isout side in times square starting us off with everything we need to know. Good morning, ginger. Good morning to you, Amy. A little perspective. Chicago this morning, temperatures are in the 80s but it feels like almost 90. Very similar to how you're waking up in Miami or new Orleans. Yes, that's the type of heat we're talking about all the way north and a lot of folks in new England here don't have air-conditioning. So the core of the heat is circled there. Today 116 the feels like in des Moines, Kansas City, 115 but you see the heat advisories from Oklahoma all the way to Maine, Vermont. The feels like will be closing in on 100. The actual temperatures on Saturday will be in the mid to upper 90s if not 100 degrees from Washington, D.C. To Boston. But you add the humidity and it's going to feel 5 to even 10 degrees warmer. That's why it's such a big deal. Much harder on your body and that's why we have to go to Chicago this morning where we find Stephanie Ramos feeling like it's 87 degrees already, Reporter: It does. It's expected to get so hot here that the Illinois tollway has launched a 24-hour weather patrol. Crews ready to go up and down the highways to get to stranded drivers quickly during these dangerously high temperatures. This morning, an unrelenting heat wave is gripping the nation. These are life-threatening temperatures and conditions and we all have to work together to remain safe. Reporter: In Chicago, with an excessive heat watch in effect through the weekend, dozens of facilities like the salvation Army are operating as cooling centers. Check out these people in Florida riding along with a makeshift air conditioner. In New York City, the triathlon forced to cancel because of the extreme heat levels. New York City's mayor bill de Blasio declaring an emergency. They're hoping the power grid can beat the heat and avoid a repeat of last weekend's blackout. We have 4,000 crew members on the ground ready to respond to outages as they occur. Reporter: In the midwest sun wearing down construction workers. Get down, get in the shade, cool off. Reporter: In Omaha it is so hot people were baking biscuits in their car. The pan topping out at 185 degrees. Dangerous heat extending all the way out west where in Arizona an air-conditioning technician was found dead in an attic. Though it's unclear how he died, it comes on a day where temperatures rose well above 100 degrees. And not just humans, but pets are also at risk. Experts say in these triple digit temps it's best to keep them inside. Panting, pacing, just lethargy in general. Not acting like themselves. They probably won't want to they can lose their appetite. Reporter: Here's another warning to keep in mind during this extreme heat. You see this full water bottle. It can actually start a fire in your car. Check out this video posted by a fire department from Oklahoma. They show how under the current conditions and the intense sun, the bottle can be used as a magnifying glass and burn a hole in a piece of paper. The fire department says, yes, sure, this is rare but go ahead and take that water bottle with you to avoid a fire and also to stay hydrated. T.J. All right, Stephanie, thank you so much. That's an interesting one we don't think about. Heat emergency in New York and Boston and this kind of weather can get dangerous quickly. Our Sam champion is at Lenox hill hospital in Manhattan. There's things we need to watch out to know whether we could be in some heat trouble. Absolutely, T.J., because we are one -- or one part of the 200 million people who will feel that heat. So unusual with this. We're going from 72 today right now to about 105 with a heat index later on this afternoon. So unusual this kind of heat. The national weather service issued their own warnings to show people how to stay cool and comfortable, stay inside if you can. The CDC says if you start to feel dizzy or uncomfortable in the heat you're in trouble, move in side. I'm here with two incredible guy, paramedics from Lenox hill hospital. So much talk about hydration. What's the magic number? What do we have to hit? No number. If you feel thirsty you're already dehydrated. Sport drinks are athletes. Drink enough water. If you feel thirsty you're already dehydrated. Don't do sports drinks. Do water. Also, Cecilia, the CDC says at some point the combination of heat and humidity hydrated as you can be, it won't be enough. You have to get inside out of this heat. Okay, Sam, thank you. We turn to Washington and the fallout over that chant about congresswoman ilhan OMAR.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"The New York City triathlon set for Sunday was canceled due to the extreme heat, and multiple states have excessive heat watches in effect through the weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64435094","title":"Excessive heat warnings in effect around US","url":"/GMA/News/video/excessive-heat-warnings-effect-us-64435094"}