Eyewitnesses describe festival shooting

Candice Marquez and Cheryl Low recall the scene at the Gilroy Garlic Festival when a shooter opened fire on the crowd.
6:25 | 07/29/19

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Transcript for Eyewitnesses describe festival shooting
We want to bring in Candice Marquez and Cheryl low at the scene yesterday. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Thank you for joining us. Candice, you never expect something like this at this festival. When was the first moment you knew something was wrong? As soon as we got out of the port-o-potties we heard a pop and they said firecrackers and we turned to our left and there was a gunman. His gun was pointed to the ground. He was trying to put another clip in it then he started walking away towards -- left away from us and just started shooting and we ran the other direction. Did you see -- And it was so scary. Did you see anybody else with him? That possible second suspect? No, we only seen the one. And, Cheryl, I know your boss and her husband both got shot in their tent. Do you have any more information on how they're doing? Last update I got is her husband's in critical condition and she's in stable condition right now. That's all I got. They just -- they just got out of surgery at midnight and they were in surgery most of the evening. But one is in stable and one is in critical condition. It's touch and go right now. So sorry for that. Set the scene for what was going on inside that tent. I guess your granddaughter and her son were there, as well. Yeah. My -- her granddaughter and our owner's 3-year-old son. Were in the tent. And my niece, she was actually a hero. She grabbed him and hid him under the table. So that he didn't get shot. Because he was standing right out there with him and grabbed him and said, I grabbed him, grandma, and I put imunderneath the table so nothing would happen to him. In my eyes she saved his life because he doesn't understand a lot. He was so confused. His parents were on the ground. His parents were on the ground. She pulled him under and by the time I got back around to look for both of them somebody grabbed both of the children and put them on the other side of the freezer to protect them from the gunman. Such strength and such courage. She looked the killer right in the eye? She did. She saw him. She saw him shoot his -- the little boy's mom and dad, yes. She did. She said, grandma, I saw him shoot them and then she grabbed that little boy and put him underneath the table and somebody else grabbed him and put him on the other side of the freezer that was over there by the time I got over there. How is she doing? I didn't know where she was. She's a little shaken. She went to sleep. She was a little scared because she heard that there was still one out there but she seems okay right now but -- We'll see. We'll get her some help if she needs it, you know, someone to talk to but she seems okay. And the little boy? He doesn't really understand right now. He's 3, so he didn't show any emotions either way. He just wanted to know where his mom was. So we'll see how that goes. Did you hear the gunman say anything, get any sense of why he was -- No, he was very quiet. He didn't say anything. Nothing, not a word. Didn't look side to side. Straight ahead and just kept walking towards the tent and shooting. That's all he did. It wasn't to point at one certain person. It was just bam, bam, bam, bam and just going. Just shooting randomly. Yes. Just randomly. And the weird thing was there wasn't that many people around in the area he was shooting at. I mean, everybody was mostly walking towards the exits. Didn't seem like there was that many people around there. He was there and then the next -- he was just -- I don't know. It just seemed like he was -- he didn't run or anything. He just walked fast over. We went behind the port-o-potties and didn't see him anymore. The next thing we saw was the police had shot and killed him. Thank goodness the police got there so quickly. They did. Well, there was a lot of police. A lot of security there. I mean, it felt -- you feel secure. I mean they're on horseback. They're on motorcycles. They're on bikes. They're all over the place during the festival so there's no reason to think we were not safe there. And then this happened. You know what I'm saying? It could happen anywhere. You never think it will happen in your town. Could you believe it was happening? I thought we were safe there. No, no, it was still can't believe it really. It hasn't processed really. I can't process the whole thing yet. It's too new right now. Well, I can only imagine. Sorry for the little boy that lost his life. We want to say to his family we were really sorry. Feel for them. It is such a tragedy. Just 6 years old. Yeah, I saw the mother carrying him. I mean, it was just -- it's just devastating. Everything that happened is devastating. But everybody came together and tried to help everybody out in that area that we were at. They were helping. They were putting people -- hiding people, putting things over us so no one would get shot. At the time you don't even know where he's at after -- after we walked around the port-o-potties we had no idea where he was at. We were just trying to save ourselves and find my granddaughter and the little boy. Thank goodness you came together and so many lives were able to be saved as well. Thank you for joining us this morning. You're welcome. Thank you. You're welcome. You used to go to that festival. I grew up in San Francisco. This is -- you saw those families in the video. This is a family festival. This is where my grandparents would take us on the weekends in the summer and to hear them say you never think it would happen in your own community, this certainly hits close to home but how many times are we going to have this conversation? Too many. There is an answer. Take this in right here. The gun violence archive says there have been 46 mass shootings so far this year. This is the 210th day of 2019. So more than one every single day of this year. You can't even respond to numbers like that. It's just horrific.

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{"duration":"6:25","description":"Candice Marquez and Cheryl Low recall the scene at the Gilroy Garlic Festival when a shooter opened fire on the crowd. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64628350","title":"Eyewitnesses describe festival shooting","url":"/GMA/News/video/eyewitnesses-describe-shooting-california-food-festival-64628350"}