Families of Thai soccer team meet their rescuers

Two of the rescuers describe to ABC News the conditions inside the cave as oxygen ran dangerously low during the rescue.
2:56 | 07/12/18

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Transcript for Families of Thai soccer team meet their rescuers
N to that miracle rescue inthailand. This morning, new video showing the familieshat soccer team meet rs who saved thei sons lives. As T boys recover in the hospital this morning,abc's opporty to spe with some of those divers who were in the cave dg the rescue. Reporter: Yes, robin. They'r saying this was so unal. Many saying this was mos challenging dive they'd ever N on. Another scribes how a full wet suit with allhat heavy gear at some points they're DI in the cave and other times trudging tgh the all while carrying those children out on stretchers from that this morning, you can see highly calculated plan in action. New VI sho teams of expert divers pulled those boys and their coach from the Y O that cave. Our was to get the kid out from ter. Take the full face maskoff, put him in a stretcher gently ING their hands so they n'get tangled or if there is stress they don't pull the M offer. Reporter: Divers co assist are speak out about conditionside that cave as oxygen ran low. Ifou could rank one to ten how hard this was, 13, 17? It wasn't until you Ted your own mouth you couldee your hand. Puing yourself along the R and smacking your head into rocks. Dese the feeling rippling throughamp there at the cavehen everybody knew we got the L boy out. We got the coa out, it's a wrap. It was ally quite silent. Ki ofs actually worked Reporter: A diver from Bangkok says he was familiar with the ar dangerous caves. Hy of you? Reporter: He never imagined this couldppen. The first day I arrived there Monday night workinge by side with the S.E.A.L. On Tuesday morning, this the most difficult DIV I have ever been to EP this video shows them beingarried allhe way out, one of the players seen on a stretcher wrapped a blanket before a medicaleam quickly step to transport him to the hospital and some the divers have met with the boys' families who thanked them as wel ashe nation of Thailand. Celebrating their remarkable mission. We've been talking about Thi wi the guys and nobod H ever heard O such a big operation andsp that ends up this good. Reporter: And here at the spital the B are still recoveri they'll be here for about week and go home and recoveror anothemonth. The divers we spoke they hope to meet the boys and a calling the British divers who D them first as well as the Thai royal Navy the true he robin. A lot of heroes goaround. Thanks much, Adrienne, and must have beenething forhe families to meet the rescuers first Tim like that. Important. Great toeehem doing well. It is. we'll mn to that wild

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Two of the rescuers describe to ABC News the conditions inside the cave as oxygen ran dangerously low during the rescue. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56532853","title":"Families of Thai soccer team meet their rescuers","url":"/GMA/News/video/families-thai-soccer-team-meet-rescuers-56532853"}