Federal judge rules the Trump administration must restore DACA

Another judge demands that the government find parents who were separated from their children and deported without them.
5:50 | 08/04/18

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Transcript for Federal judge rules the Trump administration must restore DACA
thank you very much, erielle. Appreciate it.o-back blows the trump administration's immigration policy coming GHT. In one a federal judge rg ca must be restored. And in T other, deciding the governments enrely responsibor finding the parents who were separated foeir child and DEPD T them.c news white house correspondent Tara Palmeri is in new re the president on vacation this weekend. Dan and Eva. The president has said on the campan L this summer he vows to get even tougher I, but he's facing some pushback F judicial Tes his pres overnight, the prent's zero tolerance immigration policy suffertwtbacks. A federal dge rulinghat the administrati DACA, an obama-era pro offering deporta R some 700,0 immigrantsho were bright the country iegly as drirn known as dreamers som people call it dreamers. It's not dreamers don't fall foo T Repr: Administration has 20 days to appeal the decis the department of justice is ready to fight it in courtng in a state it will, quote,e to vigorously defend this position. The prent suggesting earlier he's ready to go to the supreme ur E cple of court decisions,ch is gointo rcue to the prime court that shouldn't be forcedto the supme court. Rudge John Tes, a appointee T irrder that the program be St the president's decision to Enda I september,quote, or tirry and capricious and,te, inadeqly explain. In the past the ident has tied a Sor dreamer during fundg for the border wall. And we're going to start get very nasty over the . Reporter: In another setback yesterday, a San Diego federal judge rejecting the government's attempt to shift the bn of un the eints at theouthern border to outside charitdown theadtion's reqst for help rulinthat their is resnsible for tracking down pare somewhom have en deported or gone to hiding. Tonight, presideru to another R in Ohio but N wit some conoversy. He's reigniting that feud Lebron James, a hometown hero there, who has accused the president of trying to divide the country through sports. Prest trump tweeted that a cnm look smart W Ito. I like Mike in an apparent reference Michael jdan. Tara, thank you. We appreciate it. Jo to lk about a of I ABC news chief political analyst Matthew wd. G. Let's start with this Lebron S that Tara just D. So, the president is heading to ight for a rally. Even be state's rite son. Do you Thi that is going matter at all him? This is such a political and I think moral mistake whhe just diin this. It's a little bit like the equient manafrers chlenging Lebron T one--one in what we have here. Voted one greateshletes of altime. Trump by many historians E of the worst of all time. Lebron jambelo probably most beloved athlete today. Donarump has T lowest approval ratings of any president finay, eek that he would help -- he wanted to help vulnerable lies with ucation, transportation, food and aneously dad trump's administration is separating uncared for. Its an angt he would nge somebody and now he's going to a state where eir onba champiohip in their history in Cleveland. Yes, but I take youint, buery time the president has juiced or goosed these cral redounto his bent with S base. Well, I don't think his base is moved by this. I think only what it does much more itantly is solidifs the option to Donald Trump and raises questions, Dan, abouether or not therare racistin ents. Seems to refer tocel black people as dumb. He did it th Maxine te congresswoman. He did with lemon, the broaaster andow he's done it with I don't think it fundamentally facts his se but does make the people opposed to him much more opposed to him. And dider to folko we kneeling ring the national antas let's Mo on to immigra. Thera lot happing right now with T separation president's going push the wall. W likely -- how is this whole is play in the terms whereor than0 days outigo. Well, I don't think there will be specif I think ople won't vot these but they'll look at them in a B W look at I is ts a present who is compassionate and is this a prt un competenvernment dng the and all of these issues point to probms of those fr DACA to taration of families to everything done, it S, one, a white hothat's noassionate in what' going on and, ies anlevel of cti government has, so I think voters put these issues SP in a broader men, and th's not going elp the gowhen they into these midterms. Matthew dowd weighing in from te mattw, we Al ae it. Thank Yo have a great day. Y too, thank you.

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"Another judge demands that the government find parents who were separated from their children and deported without them.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57030737","title":"Federal judge rules the Trump administration must restore DACA","url":"/GMA/News/video/federal-judge-rules-trump-administration-restore-daca-57030737"}