Florida teen arrested for online threat

The unnamed 15-year-old allegedly posted a comment on a video game chat platform, vowing to bring his father's M15 assault rifle to school, according to police.
2:30 | 08/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Florida teen arrested for online threat
Now to Florida and a new mass shooting threat there. This time involving a 15-year-old accused of targeting his school. Police body cam captures the moment officers handcuffed him with his mother right there. Victor Oquendo has the latest from Miami. Good morning, Victor. Reporter: Good morning, robin. The sheriff in volusia county told us he decided to release the video to hammer the point home, if you make a threat like this, you will be held accountable. Hands behind your back. Reporter: These Florida deputies arresting a 15-year-old boy whose face has been blurred in front of his mother for allegedly threatening to shoot up his school. You can hear police reading that threat which they say he posted under a fake name on a video game chat platform. I, Dalton Barnhart, vow to bring my father's m-15 to school and kill seven people. These kids say stuff like that all the time. It is a joke to them. It is a game. Reporter: His comment reported to the FBI. Police releasing the 15-year-old's mug shot which we've blurred because he is a minor. He is a little boy. He didn't do anything wrong. Yes, he's 15. But he's a little boy. He's not one of the crazy people out there doing stuff. Well, he did what he did. Yeah, but he shouldn't be treated as though he is a terrorist or something. I mean, he's not that person. Do you own a gun? I have a gun, yeah. Okay, so he has hands and feet and he can grab your gun and go do something. Reporter: The sheriff telling ABC news since parkland they've seen an uptick in cases like Probably made about 50 to 100 arrests over the years since parkland. Reporter: It came on the same day as this dramatic moment caught on body camera. Another arrest in the same county after Tristan wicks allegedly texted his girlfriend his intentions to shoot as many people as he could. These cases among five high-profile arrests for alleged threats of mass shootings in less than a week including James Riordan from Ohio, a self-described white supremacist who allegedly threatened to shoot up a jewish community center posting this disturbing video on Instagram. There is no doubt that would have occurred here in Florida, Connecticut and Ohio without people coming forward, there would have been a mass shooting. Reporter: Volusia county schools say they worked with law enforcement to identify the threat and make sure that all students were safe. They'll hold a threat assessment meeting before they decide to let that student back to school. Okay, Victor, thanks.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"The unnamed 15-year-old allegedly posted a comment on a video game chat platform, vowing to bring his father's M15 assault rifle to school, according to police.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65093140","title":"Florida teen arrested for online threat","url":"/GMA/News/video/florida-teen-arrested-online-threat-65093140"}