Food manufacturers up production to avoid grocery shortages

Although food manufacturers were crushed by demand during the early outbreak of COVID-19, companies like General Mills and Campbell Soup have bolstered production.
3:26 | 10/29/20

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Transcript for Food manufacturers up production to avoid grocery shortages
We are back now with a look at the grocery items in high demand as covid-19 cases soar. How companies are bracing for the surge, making sure we don't have a repeat, you know, of earlier this year when so many shelves were left empty. Will reeve is outside a grocery store and has the latest on that. Good morning, will. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Back in the early spring there was a 6,000% increase in demand for pantry items around the country. Now it's not quite at that level, but shoppers are looking to stock up. There is a surge in demand for those pantry items as they -- as winter and the holidays approach amid a pandemic. With much of the country seeing rising numbers of covid-19, many shoppers are bracing for another wave of the virus and snapping up certain products now. Food manufacturers caught off guard by the crush of demand during the first wave upping production hoping to avoid potential shortages. General Mills is adding 45 external production lines, Campbell soup spending $40 million to up production of its goldfish crackers and chips so experts say this time around the shelves that are empty now might be a little different than the ones that were bare in the spring. According to one company that tracks online searches and e-commerce, right now demand for baking goods are up 3,400% from this time a year ago. Searches for spices are up too. Spice, feel good items, slow cooker type of item, a lot of millenials perhaps haven't done a lot of cooking before because they didn't have to. Reporter: Mike is saying he's seeing spikes in searches you can prepare early and keep ahead of the holidays so they don't have to go into crowded stores on the big day. Whatever can be frozen and nonperishable you can safely keep until the holiday, we're seeing a lot of that. We noticed an uptick due to the panic buying that's occurring. Reporter: Stew Leonard operates stores in the northeast. Spikes in tuna fish. Pizza and pizza dough is a big thing, August the comfort food. Reporter: He says when it first hit many suppliers weren't ready for it. He says he's confident he is ready for the next months but not taking chances and bulked up on stock just in case. We checked with all of our suppliers and assured us all these shelves in here will be Reporter: One mistake he won't make again -- I have a new appreciation for toilet paper during -- we're not going to be caught flat-footed on this one again. Reporter: Right now Clorox wipes are back as the hot commodity. Hard to find in stores, inflated prices online. The president of the company said back in August they didn't think supply would be back up to normal until next year, guys. Okay, but, again, the holidays and I know you alluded to it in your piece. What do we need to do to get ahead of it? We don't want things to run out by the time we get to the holidays. Reporter: Executives at grocery stores around the country encourage shoppers to have a plan and that they expect the rush to be about two weeks out from Thanksgiving, so make your plan, go before that rush and remember stock up on those items that are nonperishable or that you can freeze as we get into the water months and the holidays approach and we're consuming more food and not going out. That's true. All right, will, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"Although food manufacturers were crushed by demand during the early outbreak of COVID-19, companies like General Mills and Campbell Soup have bolstered production. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73897970","title":"Food manufacturers up production to avoid grocery shortages","url":"/GMA/News/video/food-manufacturers-production-avoid-grocery-shortages-73897970"}